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industrial unit causing air polution
« on: July 28, 2011, 10:37:17 am »
Just found this forum and it has already helped with a lot of questions I have about my new home. I still have a few more so will ask them over the coming weeks to see if anyone can help.
Apologies firstly if I have posted this question in the wrong section, I wasn't sure where to put it!
This is in regards to industrial air pollution close to our home.
We moved into a new build property in 2009, which was built by Bloor Homes in 2008. Although we were aware of a industrial unit close by, we were never made aware of what the business was by Bloor at the time of purchase and were told that that they do no operate at weekends. On visits to the site at weekends and sometimes in the weekday afternoons, we had no concerns regarding the nearby industrial unit.
It has become clear since our purchase that the industrial unit is in fact a company  who have involvement in brick making. They basically bring in old bricks/concrete and render it to dust.
On a daily basis (including weekends), there is a continuous dust cloud in the area which has become a health concern as children playing outside often complain of dust in their eyes. I am guessing there is probably a respiratory issue here too.
Not only is there health concerns, we cannot put washing out in te garden as it soon becomes covered in dust. Cars can never be spotless as as soon as they have been washed, they attract the dust. I grow vegetables and have noticed the dust on the plants, so there could be a health risk here too.
I am putting a letter together to my local environmental health office and have wrote here on MSE to see if anyone can offer any advice in this matter. I don't know if I have a case or what even I can do about it. The industrial unit was here many years before the housing development and probably didn't have any pollution issues, but now people are living close by, this is becoming a serious problem.

Any help or advise is much appreciated




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Re: Industrial unit causing air pollution
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2011, 11:07:02 am »
First of all Bloor should not have informed you that the unit did not operate at weekends.
Under the Property Misdescriptions Act  1992  they have a legal duty to be truthful and to inform you of material things that may affect your decision to buy a home.
However, proving what they did tell you (unless it is in writing) would now be very difficult.  You could try complaining to the Managing Director at their local office.
It is VITALLY important that you personally investigate the local area when buying a home - as you probably realise.
A house builder isnt going to say that there is a noisey dusty factory that operates seven days a week down the road!

What can you do now?

The dust is obviously a nuisance at best and could well be a health hazard.
By contacting your local Environmental Health Officer you have made the first correct step. 
Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 they have powers to stop the pollution and fine the company.

It could even be that there has been a 'change of use' and the unit is now recycling building rubble rather than manufacturing bricks and blocks.
This would require planning permission.

I would also try to form a local action committee for the householders that are affected rather than trying to act alone.
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