Author Topic: Don't believe a single word any politician says  (Read 3609 times)

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Don't believe a single word any politician says
« on: January 14, 2012, 10:06:16 am »
How times change
"We must tackle abuse of the tax system. For those who employ the right accountants it is a haven of scams, city deals and profits.
We should not make our tax rules a playground for revenue avoiders and tax abusers who pay little or nothing, while others pay more than their share"
.............Tony Blair 1994

Windrush Ventures declared and income of £12million last year and paid just £315,000 in corporation tax after writing off various expenses totalling £11million.
Windrush is Tony Blair's company!  He must be employing those same "right accountants" to avoid paying his fair share of tax. 
How times change, or could it be that we should never believe what those in government tell us or promise to do.