Author Topic: West Sussex County Council wastes £100,000 on YouTube Videos  (Read 4736 times)

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Conservative led West Sussex Council which has to save £79 million over three years, has admitted to spending £100,000 during the last five years making videos for YouTube.
Included in the short films are vital tips on "how to use a mobile phone" and "how to wash your hands."
Presumably, without such help none of us would have clean hands!

West Sussex has a £1million Public Relations budget.
The "YouTube unit" had been set-up for £40,000 costing another £26,000 each year to run.
It is claimed only 200 people had watched online videos promoting the 'Big Society'  although the Tory-led council claim more than 100,000 people had watched their videos. West Sussex County Council's YouTube channel had received 76,798 views in four years to 6 March 2012.
-Working out at more than £1 for each viewing!

Liberal Democrats deputy group leader Dr James Walsh said:
"Can the Tory leadership really believe that a You-Tube film unit is a higher priority than providing care packages for the frail elderly or residents with a learning disability?"

However, council leader Louise Goldsmith argues the Lib Dems' accusations were "littered with inaccuracies."
Rather than engaging in political in-fighting, she should be stopping this disgraceful waste of public money.
Ms Louise Goldsmith should also resign from the council straight away.
It is impossible to defend such an utter waste of public money, especially with cuts being proposed to essential services.
The voters of West Sussex should also make a mental note of their current elected councillors to be sure they don't vote for them again!

WSCC chief executive Kieran Stigant is on a basic salary of £175,000 with overall remuneration totalling pay £207,000.
He should go too and without the customary £175,000  "compensation for loss of employment"
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Re: West Sussex County Council wastes £100,000 on YouTube Videos
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2012, 11:54:48 am »
How can such a waste of public money be allowed or approved?
It is even more of a mystery when you consider how much council executives are paid.

The average council chief is paid more than the Prime Minister's £142,500.
1 in 20 are being paid more than £200,000.
However, the average pay package for council chiefs is at least falling and is currently around £146,950.

The lowest paid of all 315 local authorities is West Somerset where total basic pay was £62,600.
Presumably they also don't waste your money on YouTube videos on things like "how to use a mobile phone!"

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