Author Topic: BBC Launch Cynical Consultation To End FREE TV Licence For Over 75.  (Read 1589 times)

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The Free TV licence to over 75's should and must be retained. 
If the BBC needs to make cuts, so be it.
The programmes are pretty bad, low quality, mainly "reality TV" anyway and the "stars" like Gary Lineker, are paid far too much. He gets £2million a year for a few minutes on Match of the Day.
You cannot expect pensioners to contribute to this.

There is no need for reform of the Free TV Licence for over 75's.
This concession for over-75s must be retained.

There are far too many unnecessary BBC employees, earning  high wages. How many news readers and weather presenters does it need? The BBC should be looking to cut waste and duplication not seeking to make elderly pensioners poorer.

The BBC consultation is a cynical attempt to gather "evidence", in an attempt to encourage many younger people to provide supportive data to force through  the over 75's paying for a TV licence. This  under the veiled threat that their programmes (BBC 3) could be cut. This ageism must be stopped.

If the Free TV Licence for over 75's is scrapped or limited, there will be justifiable outrage.