Author Topic: Let the people decide everything - X factor style!  (Read 7247 times)

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Let the people decide everything - X factor style!
« on: December 22, 2014, 11:31:37 am »
This week, after councils all over the country admit that they turn off or dim 80% of the streetlights, after plans are revealed to double ambulance call out targets to 18mins, after the inquiry into high office paedophiles is being disbanded by Teresa May,  why do we even need politicians?  They clearly cannot be trusted.  

The technology exists for the British public to vote on EVERY issue online.  Passwords for voting could be your National Insurance number.

We could even have a weekly TV presentation of the current policies for the public to vote on, "X-factor" style.  The panel of "Judges" could be made up of people like C4 Jon Snow, BBC David Dimbleby and a specialist guest each week and could question and grill each of the party leaders after their policy presentations and then to public could vote on each online.  

In other words a true democracy.  
Not what the "elite" would want as they would not then be able to make sure their own interests come first anymore.
Now we have not one but two general elections to "look forward" to in 2015.
The first in May will establish what we already know - they are all as bad as each other and no one single party will be in overall control.  The second election, (the main parties are already fundraising for a second campaign!) will mean that the majority of 2015 will be one long party political broadcast and spin.

In a less than ten days, we will be wishing for a "Happy New Year"  - some hope!
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