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Bloor show home purchase - bad experience
« on: November 10, 2017, 11:51:09 pm »
I was living in rented accommodation where the lease was coming to an end and decided I wanted to buy somewhere. Couldn't find anything I liked until I came across a Bloor development. At this time I only had 6 weeks or so to move.

Looked around the show house and was told it was up for sale. I paid the deposit there and then. I went back to the property numerous times with my partner, to fill in forms etc and to check the house out. I pointed out numerous defects with the house. Cracked render, dirty stains on the render, rain damage on render due to moss on roof, cracked floor tiles, etc.

The sales team of two showed us around the house on numerous occasions to which I pointed out the various faults and they said all these faults will be repaired, the render will be cleaned and cracks repaired. If anything was missed, simply add it to ten day snaglist.

I asked why on the order form it said sold as seen. Sales girl answered with, that only applies to the kitchen goods, i.e. Fridge, cooker etc which are out of warranty, therefore they are sold as seen.

Moved in and none of these had been fixed.

First day of moving in, sales guy said just add these to snagging list. I had no reason not to believe/trust them. On the first day the roof was leaking and a roofer had to come and sort it. This damaged the paintwork and ceiling, they simply applied some filler and painted over the water stains leaving the wall different shades.

Second day, the boiler broke down with a leak, it took over a week for them to fix it.

First week, en suite bathroom sink had a crack in plug hole causing water to leak and come through landing ceiling. Again a quick fix of paint applied and the plug hole replaced after a week.

All the plants in garden dying as they chopped roots off and other stuff. Eventually got this sorted after months of emailing them

They jet washed new build house next door (red bricks) all the red dust covered my garden and house(my house is white render)

Brickwork on walls falling apart as cement mix was mainly sand, eventually got this repaired.

Asked when they would replace cracked floor tiles. This is when they used the sold as seen on me. They say the house was a show home and sold as seen. The tiles are cosmetic, therefor not their problem and they informed me the tiles are discontinued which I later found out they knew this when selling me the house.  I pointed these cracked tiles when viewing and they agreed to replace but not in writing.

Roof began to leak again. It's a pent roof with a walkway. Roofers came and replaced most of the pent roof, tiles etc. they also replaced lead flashing that was not attached to wall, letting rain water run inside. This has caused internal crack in bedroom and damaged paintwork. The leak on front has caused damage to paintwork and ceiling. I have been given a time slot of 2 months from now for them to come and paint.

The gulley/walkway on my roof has puddles of water 7 foot long and half inch deep that has no where to go because the exit point to drainpipe is higher than the roof.  Before roof was repaired this water was a big pile of moss and debris. When it rained enough, it would reach over the lip and run down the back of drainpipes staining the wall black and green. This was caused by the box at top of drainpipe having a half inch gap from roof, so the water never went into drainpipe.

Now Bloor are saying the puddles of water aren't a problem or build defect. The render has 3 X 6-7 foot long cracks just appeared high up on the building. They are saying these aren't issues unless the cracks are 4mm wide or more. Well the cracks are 50 foot up the building, so I can't measure them and they aren't sending anyone to check.

The render cracks that they supposedly repaired on bottom of house by putting a little filler over have widened and the render is now loose from the wall. Again, they are trying to say this is not a build defect, but sold as seen. I can see the dampness surrounding these cracks caused by water getting in.

My boiler is still faulty, had them out at least a dozen times within my first six months. It's not working correctly right now, makes a really loud banging noise and switches itself off. Over two weeks now and no one been out to see it.

My advice to anyone would be don't buy a house from Bloor. They are a bunch of liars and do shoddy house building. There are multiple people on this estate having problems. One guy has had practically his whole house redone from joists to the bathroom sinks.

Never trust a Bloor sales person. They lie to get a sale.

Also, because I was in a rush, I used their solicitor. This solicitor does not want to know. My Neighbour's downpipe for garage goes into my garden and this was never mentioned by solicitor. I can't see it on plan either. Should Bloor remove this?

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Re: Bloor show home purchase - bad experience
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2017, 09:38:25 am »
What a way to treat a customer.

Everyone reading this should realise this is their showhome, and it had all these defects!
How many times and opportunities did they have to carry out remedial works and repairs?
This was after represented their quality, (or rather lack of it).

All of the issues you mention should and must be sorted out under the warranty.
Yes a showhouse is "sold as seen".  This applies to carpets, curtains, appliances, shrinkage cracks marks on walls, the gardens etc. You are in effect buying a second-hand home but with a warranty.

But serious defects such as those you mention must be attended to.

It is disgraceful that Bloor should adopt such a dismissive attitude to their defective product.

The neighbours RWP in your garden could be re routed to the other end of the guttering. I would check that it is actually connected to drainage pipes under the surface as "not shown on the plans" would indicate it may not be!

If you need a solicitor to take this further, contact Timothy Waitt at Anthony Gold 020 7940 4090

The advantages and disadvantages of buying the showhome

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Re: Bloor show home purchase - bad experience
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2018, 09:07:32 am »
I`ll update shortly with all the issues I`ve had and the ones that are still ongoing.