Author Topic: Bloor Homes neighbourhood parking wars  (Read 7874 times)

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Bloor Homes neighbourhood parking wars
« on: February 17, 2014, 07:53:39 am »
I can't begin to describe the fight we have all had to get things in our Bloor homes fixed and now there is a neighbourhood war regarding lack of parking. Highways have said they would be happy to look at a revision to reserve the parking created for the marketing suite but Bloor still intend to rip it out later this week. Apparently they claim it has not being constructed to adoptable standards - well I say re do it to the right standards then!

It doesn't bother me as we have two spaces and one car, but a guy down the road has a 4-bed house with one space and you can't use the garages because you would have to climb out the boot to get out the car!    The road at the weekends are littered with parked cars and even a member of Bloor's own staff who visited the site this weekend said it was a bit of a mess - the understatement of the year!   It has caused so much unhappiness that a friend of mine has even put her house up for sale and is leaving thousands of pounds worth of luxury extras, rather than stay here.

We haven't had the HBF New Home Customer Survey, but we did receive a slip of paper asking questions about our experiences. It would appear to be for their own purposes, such as first impressions, helpfulness of staff, did they meet deadlines, condition of property and would we buy from them again or recommend them to friends and family. 

I haven't returned mine yet as I have waited to see how things developed, and thought of copying the form for some of the neighbours as we have had a very rough ride with them.
Would I recommend them?  God no, not even to my worse enemy!
I will contact Bloor's regional managing director Mr Steve Roberts and ask if we can have an opportunity to respond to HBF Survey.

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Re: Bloor Homes neighbourhood parking wars
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2014, 08:47:00 am »
It is quite common for builders to not build estate roads that will remain private as far as the council are concerned under what is known as a section 38 agreement. Therefore these roads do not need to be to adoptable standard as the residents will be paying for all maintenance and repairs. The sales car park would have been temporary anyway so will have been built to the bare minimum.
The size of new home garages is a real issue and the house builders should be taken to task over this.
See this post on car and new home garage sizes.

Bloor do not appear to take part in the HBF survey.
I am not sure if they are HBF members or perhaps they choose to opt out.
You can read into that what you will into that, perhaps they are scared of having bad scores published! - although I have suspicions about the HBF survey anyway!
Bloor do monitor snagging forums as I expect other builders do too. It is a great way to force builders to change the way they treat people and improve standard and quality of the homes they build!
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