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100% stud walls are all in place, the company have finished on site.
They’re now keen to get the final payment off me...
I’ve put the question to them & am awaiting their response.
Are you sure the flooring isn't just a temporary ply covering for heath and safety?
Posi-joist floor cassettes usually have this.

22mmm thick T&G chipboard MR is a must have!
Thanks for the reply,
They are Posi-joists but sadly it seems they've tried to save cash with using 18mm & 600mm distance.

Ive dug out the contract & it specifically says they would use 22mm flooring. hmm

I called to point this out this morning & am currently awaiting their reply as they are looking into it.

My concern is that the warranty guy or building regs officer may not sign this off ?
Building your own home means you are in a position to ensure you get a high quality home to the specification you want.

Unfortunately, it would appear the timber frame company have designed the joist centres to save them money.

As far as standards are required it is 18mm Caberfloor T&G MR chipboard on 400mm centres joists
and 22mm Caberfloor T&G MR chipboard on 600mm centres joists.

That said 400mm centres joist will not deflect as much and I would have gone for the 22mm thick boards on 400 centres joists.  I would have also chosen to have floor cassettes using posi-joists as picture.

It is your home, you have the final say!
Snagging and defects / Re: Downstairs noise travelling through windows
« Last Post by New Home Expert on January 30, 2019, 09:09:07 am »
That is good news.
Acknowledged the problem and given you and undertaking to do something about it.

Stairs creaking could be:
1) Detached risers due to gripper rods being hammered on the treads - builder will claim defect caused by your carpet contractor.
2) Insufficient fixing of loose components at kite winders, half landings in the flight. They should have been glued and screwed by site carpenters using blocks supplied with staircase. Removing the plasterboard under the stairs will reveal.
1) Probably made worse by central heating and mains pipework coming form the airing cupboard.
2) Floorboards need taking up to inspect and diagnose. Could be trimmer, joist spacing, hangers, or the flooring itself.

Finally, I would suggest your original carpet contractor relays the carpet as it will need re stretching.
We are in the process of a self build, the timber frame (SIP) manufacturer have just finished on site.
But it's just been pointed out to us by another trade that our floors are 18mm Caberboard supported on 600mm centres joists.
The suggestion was that this is not up to building regs
If 18mm then they should be on 400mm joists
or 22mm would be fine for 600mm joists

Can anyone shed any more light on this before I take it up with the timber frame company?
I can't seem to find the necessary documents.

The builds in Wales if that makes any difference ?

Any help on this would be much appreciated
Many thanks
Snagging and defects / Re: Downstairs noise travelling through windows
« Last Post by MacedoI on January 28, 2019, 08:44:25 am »
Good morning.
So couple of Barratt representatives came over. One of them I believe was/is part of the building’s engineering team.
They were quite quick to diagnose the problem. My apartment’s window frames are somehow "shared" with my neighbours. Meaning the framing starts with the floor below and end with the flat above. I think this setup is fairly common.

In any case they said that the installation could be faulty and no noise should be travelling up or down. Finally they said sometime this week they’ll get back to me with a resolution which is likely to be done from the outside of the apartment.
As it was another company installing the windows. which is likely to be the one to take action.

Not sure what to make of all this to be honest. I suppose I’ll wait for their update this week.
Snagging and defects / Re: Unlagged hot water pipes in ceiling void
« Last Post by Lesley2604 on January 27, 2019, 06:01:13 pm »
Thanks for your response.  They are just being very difficult and really sticking to the minimum they think they can get away with.  They started off not too badly but are off-site and everything has become a bit of a battle.  The housebuilder is Cala.
Snagging and defects / Re: New build - squeaky floorboards? Where do I start?
« Last Post by otbc on January 27, 2019, 09:47:53 am »
Thanks - I did have to get the carpets privately done and they're done with gripper rather than glue.

They've said they'll take up and re-lay the carpets now which is good - the creaking is on the stairs as well as the upstairs landing; should I be asking them anything in particular to check or do?
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