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« Last Post by Kathie on June 29, 2019, 10:15:08 am »
I have now heard back from David Wilson Homes after writing to their CEO.

They have only refunded me £3,091.49 and still owe me £2,972.55.  I have escalated the complaint through the Consumer Code for Homebuilders and they have sent me forms to fill in.

I have also asked the sales manager (who phoned me yesterday to tell me "she has decided that all I am entitled to have back is the £309.49" ) for an itemised list of what the £2,972.55 consists of - she seemed surprised! So was trying to argue with me on the telephone, but I told her to put everything in writing and I did not want to speak to her on the phone.   

I am in shock that this money can be stolen from me for something for which I will have no benefit!  I am also 100% sure that I signed no contract for these items  - nor is it mentioned in the Reservation Agreement.

I can't believe I have been so stupid and that David Wilson Homes are such thieves!  Everyone needs to be aware of this pitfall.  I can't afford to lose this money as I still need to find another house to buy!

Oh dear!

You are in a pretty pickle. 
First of all you haven't got an NHBC warranty, something I always advise new home buyers to watch out for.   Next up you bought from a housebuilder who is small.

According to the last annual statement issued to Companies House in 2017, GPS Estates had a turnover of £25.3m and made a profit before tax of £ and a gross profit margin of 44%!

I would suggest you write to both the listed directors Mr J J Gill and Mr D Gill at the registered address in Bedford.

I very much doubt the warranty such as it is, will be much help to you.

So all you can now do is make as much fuss as you can in public, on social media and in the local press to force them into action to sort out the remaining issues.  If James Brokenshire had got on with setting up the statutory New Homes Ombudsman he announced way back on 1st October 2018 perhaps you could have got redress via this route.

Snagging and defects / Re: Redrow Garden
« Last Post by mswgb2012 on June 25, 2019, 09:39:23 am »
Thank you for your reply.

With regards to the garden - we do have pictures from when the rear garden was a building site and also following completion. The ground looks exactly the same and I don't think any top soil was put onto our garden. There is definitely flooding within 3 metres of the house, which does clear in 48 hours or so. Ultimately we don't know what is buried in the garden and having removed scaffolding, buckets, large boulders and cement blocks we wouldn't be surprised to find more of the same. We just want what we paid for - a safe and use able garden.

Bricks and Mortar.

Thank you for clarifying this. We were concerned that the poor drainage was having some effect on the brick work which could cause long term problems. We will try the process of using the screwdriver to test the mortar and will report to Redrow and the NHBC if any issues arise.

NHBC have confirmed today that they are coming to assess the garden on Friday. Hopefully we will be able to move forward and actually have a use able garden at some point soon! We have written it off for the summer.
Snagging and defects / Issues with new build house/builder ignoring all emails
« Last Post by Jay Don on June 25, 2019, 07:39:32 am »
So I purchased a new build in october 2018 from GPS Estates.
Before even buying the property there were issues which got resolved. They don't have a NHBC warrnty. They use a company called CRL who are just a brooker. The insurer is International General Insurance Company LTD UK

I spoke with CRL who have basically told me to jump until after the 2 year mark
Ive emailed GPS estates several times asking for their complaints process and just get ignored.

Since moving in I have had...

Under floor heating control unit faulty = fixed
Underfloor heating zones all messed up =fixed
No bypass on heating system = fixed
Main toilet leaked = fixed
Loft insulation missing = fixed
Kitchen island set too high = fixed
No isoaltion/double check valve/or pipe sleeved for garden tap = corrected apart from the sleeve
Cloak room toilet unhabitable due to smell/turned out to be no durgo valve (they covered exposed pipe with bubble rap) = fixed
Wall sockets faulty = fixed

20 patio slabs rocking/they gripfilled them down! I contacted gripfill who said not for outside use. I then sent the builder gripfill's email...been ignored for 2 months/had another 40 slaps come loose...Had enough and got patio relayed = so I fixed
Front door lock faulty/had to use patio door for a week = fixed
Roof flashing damaged = fixed

Boiler flue incorrectly postioned = not corrected
Neighbour's boiler flue over my boundary = not corrected
Ponding outside the property (10m x 2m/hits house when cars drive through) = not corrected
Fence posts too far apart so panels are loose = not corrected
1 x fence panel damaged = not corrected
External lights rusting = not corrected
Landing floor creaks = not corrected
Tarmac coming away at drive way entrance = not corrected
Doors not closing = not corrected
Doors not fire doors/turns out they havent fitted fire door and 2 x bedroom windows don't comply with fire regs = not corrected

Where the new road begins, the council won't adopt the road because they built the footpaths too narrow, they agreed 2m and only built 1.8m. They're trying to blame the council when infact its their own messup. They've said they won't correct the ponding outside my property until they get the above agreed so they can do all of the road maintenance together.....So until then, I have water entering the property when theres rain and a car drives through the 10mx2m puddle.

There's a good few more issues, but they corrected them...The ones which I've stated are not corrected are current along with snags i.e cracks etc


« Last Post by Kathie on June 24, 2019, 12:50:45 pm »
Thank you for your advice

I will do all those things today!  and will update you on the progress.

« Last Post by New Home Expert on June 24, 2019, 07:04:32 am »
Reading your story, it is disgraceful the way David Wilson Homes has behaved. Most housebuilders do require exchange of contracts within 28 days. They would not have been so hasty in a different market.

With regard to the extras, you should get the £6,054 refunded. It is inconceivable that the extras have been ordered or fitted in this home at that stage. In addition, no housebuilder would even think about extras until after exchange of contracts at that time the £6,054 should have been paid not earlier.

It is common that sales staff get huge commissions for selling so-called "optional extras" I have always warned these are always overpriced. I have also repeatedly warned against using the housebuilder's recommended solicitors!   In fact I believe such is the conflict of interest, this should be banned by the SRA. I believe you should tell your solicitor that they had a conflict of interest and unless they waive their charges (you will have to pay the searches fee) you will report them to the Law Society!

The good news is, David Wilson Homes have breached the Consumer Code for Homebuilders. I suggest you write to the CEO David Thomas at Barratt Developments PLC Kent House, 1st Floor, 14-17 Market Place, London W1W 8AJ and tell him that if you do not receive a full refund of 1) Reservation fee, 2) extras deposit and 3) Searches and any other costs you have incurred, you will be making a claim using the CCHB which is now free for homebuyers.

One thing is for sure - David Wilson Homes do look bad!
Snagging and defects / Re: Redrow Garden
« Last Post by New Home Expert on June 24, 2019, 06:34:58 am »
Garden Flooding
It is an NHBC warranty standards requirement 10.2.6 states that "drainage should be taken into account"

Standard 10.2.8 states: "...immediately around the home areas up to 3m form the habitable parts of the home shall not be waterlogged"
Standard 10.2.9 states: "Old foundations concrete bases and obstructions within 300mm of finished ground level should be removed." "Construction rubbish and debris should be removed from the garden and other areas around the home." 

So it is clear that Redrow are responsible under the warranty, to carry out works to ensure at least, the area up to 3m from your house doesn't flood.  They are also required to remove all builders debris. Topsoil should be at least 100mm thick (previously this was 150mm) not including turf.

The fact that they appear to be fighting against this is surprising given their marketing! I suggest you write to Redrow CEO John Tutte and inform him that Redrow is failing in its obligations under the NHBC warranty.

Bricks and mortar
It is a requirement that the dpc is 150mm above finished ground level. In your case more so, with the flooding!  The bricks under the dpc are in contact with the ground and will be damp. On north facing walls they will remain damp for longer. You can get rid of the moss/mould with Algon but it will come back.

The mortar could be more serious. The below ground mix should be 1:3  I part cement 3 parts sand. I suspect he above ground silo mortar was used (half the required cement content). The reason below ground has stronger mortar is because of the action of freeze-thaw which may be the case here.
It may be a good idea to check the mortar above ground too. Drag a screwdriver along a joint and see if it powders.
Weak mortar in new homes is more common than the industry acknowledges and expensive to rectify so expect a fight with this too!
« Last Post by Kathie on June 23, 2019, 12:04:35 pm »
I wonder if anyone else has had an experience like mine - or if not, to warn prospective owners of David Wilson Homes

I put a deposit down on a David Wilson Home while trying to sort out a mortgage at the end of April - as they told me that there were only two of the house type I wanted available on site.  This was fine I also understood that I could potentially lose £150.00 admin fee if I had to pull out.

On the 5th of May they asked me to go in and choose "extras" for the house... it transpires that things like shower over the bath and  flooring etc are all extras!  Once I had completed my "extras" list this came to £26,000!!! However I was keen to have the house of my dreams.  They then told me that I would have to pay £6,054 deposit on these extras there and then otherwise I would have to have the standard house!  I was concerned about this as the house isn't due to be ready until September and didn't even have walls up yet!  They told me that there was no choice if I wanted the upgraded kitchen/shower over bath nice tiles etc.  I told them that I was concerned because I hadn't even got a firm mortgage yet (it was still being processed) and hadn't even exchanged contracts!  The sales lady said not to worry as "David Wilson Homes would not like to look bad, and I would get my money back"
I stupidly felt reassured by this -

A couple of weeks later they started pressurising me into exchanging contracts, this I could not do as I had not got my firm mortgage offer - they therefore said that they would re-market the property.  I was obviously upset as and said that I could not take the risk of losing the £6,054 and wanted my money back    They Refused!!

They first of all they said that if anything had been ordered I wouldn't get my money back I therefore phoned head office and spoke to a Sales Manager who told me I would get my money back as long as nothing had been installed in the house!  I was distraught so went immediately to the house and took pictures.  Nothing had been installed.

The next thing I get an email from my solicitor (who was allegedly working for me but it seems was in cahoots with David Wilson Homes) to say that my house had been sold to someone else and could she please have £300 for the work she had done for me to date! (Plus I had spent £118.00 on searches).  I had already asked her to help me get my money back and she had done nothing!

David Wilson Homes had not had the decency to tell me that the house had been resold OR return my deposit let alone the £6,024!! Nearly two weeks have passed and I have been up to the site asking for my money back and again been told that if anything has been ordered it will be up to the "goodwill" of head office if I get my money back or not!

This is theft!  I did not sign any contract for the "extras" and cannot find any mention of this is in any of their paperwork.  I do have a receipt which I have sent to David Wilson Homes.  I am so upset and angry as I have paid £6,054 for someone else to enjoy an upgraded kitchen! All because they could not wait a couple of weeks for my mortgage offer - which came through on Friday!

The tactics these builders use is dubious to say the least.  Can anyone suggest any help with this?   and PLEASE everyone else beware do not be sucked into the mess I am in.  Lessons to learn
DO NOT USE THE SOLICITOR THEY SUGGEST find your own - and DO NOT PAY FOR EXTRAS unless you have everything in place to proceed to completion.

Kathie >:( >:(

Snagging and defects / Re: Redrow Garden
« Last Post by mswgb2012 on June 22, 2019, 11:05:56 am »
Further to the above we have noticed that the bottom bricks, which we believe are under the damp proof course, around the house walls have moss growing on them, the cement is crumbling and are damp to touch. Could this be due to poor drainage etc?
Snagging and defects / Redrow Garden
« Last Post by mswgb2012 on June 22, 2019, 10:37:55 am »
We bought a Redrow home last year. Within days of moving in we had terrible flooding of the back garden - to within 3 metres of the house. This was before it had been landscaped. We informed Redrow but were fobbed off with their response that we need to allow the water to find its natural drainage course. Following this we then had the garden landscaped and prepared for turf to be laid by Redrow, as the site manager agreed to it to help the drainage. The builders removed buckets, scaffolding, blocks of cement and other building materials. Being first time buyers we thought this may be normal so didn't query it.

Within weeks of the turf and patio being laid we had flooding again. Redrow came to 'investigate' and dug up the area that flooded and removed several huge boulders.

Fast forward 12 months and we have been unable to get the turf to grow. It still floods onto the patio by the house but does drain within 48hours, there are patches in the turf are where large rocks, nails, cement blocks etc are working their way to the surface. What worried us was that our sons were playing football one day when our eldest found some glass protruding from the ground. We dug it up and recovered two palm sized pieces of glass from the ground - which were obviously working their way to the surface. This obviously worried us so we contacted Redrow who sent someone round. We also informed the NHBC.

Redrows decision, initially, was that it was preparation by the groundsmen that laid the turf that was to blame. This was great news for us as Redrow themselves had done this prep. We are now awaiting a visit from an independent landscaper, hired by Redrow, to assess the garden. Certain employees at Redrow have lied and attempted to intimidate us out of our complaint. The NHBC have been really helpful to date and have said that without a resolution from Redrow they would still carry out an investigation.

All we want is a garden that is fit for purpose, safe for the kids and are not out to make any gains.

We are concerned that Redrow have loop holes they can disappear through and have already been dismissed by them saying 'see you in the meeting' which we took as an intimidation tactic.

Apologies for the long post.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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