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Snagging and defects / Re: Parking bays- size and regulations
« Last Post by New Home Expert on August 26, 2019, 10:50:33 am »
The issue of undercroft is misleading as clearly you do not have full 100% cover.
This means your car will develop faded paint and worse perhaps even be affected by degradation from the mortar or concrete structure above.

Regarding the parking spaces, the developer really should have spaced them between columns so everyone has the 2,4m minimum. As it stands, you can expect some door damage as inevitable.
However there is no solution I can see as your space is 2.4m.
Snagging and defects / Re: Minor issues with new build home
« Last Post by New Home Expert on August 26, 2019, 10:45:22 am »
The housebuilder should do all the snags on the snaglist.

The bottom of the window should be sealed but the window is too far forward or cill too far back as cill upstand is flush with front of window making sealant difficult.

House Builders / Re: Barwood homes
« Last Post by adamp on August 25, 2019, 09:40:16 pm »
So long story short, I ended up buying the property. I spent alot of time looking at other properties and the location really drove me to stick with the decision here. From both a work and personal perspective it just ticked all the boxes that I couldn't find elsewhere. I'll try to summarise my experience so far, which overall has been positive but there have been issues which not all are resolved on.

The initial process, as discussed above, was generally good but it turned out that the salesman I interacted with told quite a few fibs not just to me but other house owners on the site. Barwood and their legal team worked work to give me confidence throughout the conveyancing process (as you'd expect). I was given plenty of access to the property and emails/phone calls were responded to very quickly, typically within a day.

They were not pushy at all when I delayed the sale process, actually I was 8 weeks over the reservation expiration date and they didn't push/threaten me once. Kept responding to my queries and trying to re-assure me on my outstanding queries.

I had no movement on the sale price but I was able to get £12.5k of extras thrown in which has given me a very high spec house overall.

This was a little strange as I wasnt moving in on completion, and I still havent moved into the property (I am fortunate that i can have them resolve the issues). Because of this I had no formal handover or introduction to the property. They just gave me the keys and told me I had 7 days to send in the initial snagging list.

I found almost 100 issues quite quickly (from a building family and my mate has been running new build sites for many years) so again a little fortunate. Structural build quality of the house appears good (though time will tell) but the finishing is very poor as Unhappy notes. Generally I would say:

- Really sloppy mastic work (seriously, really bad)
- External doors and gates not hung properly
- Garage fascias not meeting brickwork (too short)
- Gutter joins missing
- Broken bricks and poor mortar work
- Lots of gaps hadn't been filled (extraction fans etc)
- Generally unclean

Decoration (painting) overall good. Cleanliness very poor - definitely not sparkle clean as you'd expect.

The site manager and customer care team however have been very good. Very responsive, site manager meets me at the property and regularly goes through the snagging list with me. When he has something will be fixed by X, it always has been. Of course, they are working through slower than I'd like but it's generally moving in the right direction. Neighbours have certainly had issues - one even had completely the wrong kitchen fitted  ::)

Biggest negative for me has honestly been the lying salesman that it looks like all new owners have experienced. He told everyone that it was fibre to property, when its actually copper; told all of us it was a different warranty; others were told various other things which havent come true. The company has apologised but really what more can you expect them to do. Sales be sales.

It's been a mixed experience so far but overall a positive one. The proactive site manager helps of course. In the grand scheme of things my issues are on the more minor scale, so if things start to go wrong it'll be interesting to see how they respond.
Snagging and defects / Builder refusing to accept professional snagging list
« Last Post by KiwiFi on August 23, 2019, 03:46:32 pm »
We moved into our new Harron Homes house at the end of May, and had a professional snagger come a week later to do a report (we weren’t allowed access to snag before completion).
He identified a number of issues, none major, which we promptly sent through to the customer care team. We had advised the site managers that we were going to get a snagger in to help us and they didn’t have a problem. After nearly three months of patiently waiting for them to find the right people to address the snags (they've changed the entire site and sales team during this time), Harron are now trying to tell us that they don't accept professional snagging reports as it's "not company policy".
They’ve also failed to sort out some of the issues that were raised and agreed before we even completed on the purchase, at the home demonstration.

Does anybody have any advice or experience with this situation?
I'm absolutely gutted that they've changed their tune all of a sudden, they never mentioned this until now, and I'm really concerned that we may end up with a house full of issues that never get fixed.

Thanks for your help :)
Snagging and defects / Re: Minor issues with new build home
« Last Post by cmcc147 on August 23, 2019, 02:04:55 pm »
I have attached a photograph of one of the 'issues' found in the list above.

1) The windows on the house have silicone round the sides of frames but not at the bottom.  The garage window does have sealant around the bottom of the window frame.  Should this be sealed? The surveyor mentioned there may be a bed of mastic in behind reducing the need for sealant but he couldn't be sure.
This picture also shows the bonded bead cavity wall insulation in my gulley.

Snagging and defects / Re: Parking bays- size and regulations
« Last Post by QEOP on August 22, 2019, 05:13:18 pm »
Hi - sorry for hijacking and resurrecting this old post.

I have moved into a new build in Dec 2018. My parking bay is sandwiched between two bays and the three  bays are surrounded by 4 pillars and so essentially my neighbouring bays are less than 2.4m as the pillars take up some space. Although my space is full 2.4m wide, because of the pillars, my neighbours' cars are often parked on the line which then has an effect on my bay. And to make things worse, all three cars are big family cars.

Also, during the sales process, we were told that the parking bays are undercroft and covered, but the back of my bay is uncovered for ventilation. Hence 1/5 of my car is exposed outdoors.

Have tried speaking to the builders but they are of no help.

Would appreciate advice and suggestions.
Snagging and defects / Re: Minor issues with new build home
« Last Post by cmcc147 on August 22, 2019, 12:37:18 pm »
I finally got round to getting my house snagged over the weekend just passed.  It seems to have been a worthwhile as it has identified numerous issues which I can hopefully now have resolved over the next 8 months before my builder's warranty runs out.  There were 105 snags identified.  I took a bit of time and split these in to categories which I have listed below in to sub-sections to hopefully make it easier for the builder to strategically work through.

There were numerous issues identified in the report which were recurring hence the high number of 105 and also a few minor ones which I have been able to rectify myself so these are not listed below.

Could you advise if the below list is one I could reasonably expect my builder to completely fulfil? 
I am awaiting the printed report to be sent to me then I will be approaching the builder to get a plan put together.  I have attached a few photos for reference of some of the key issues.

Builder to do:                     
Bonded bead insulation in gulleys - remove this and inspect all gulleys      
Rain water pipe at back gate entrance - re-centre not in middle of gulley      
Rear soil pipe clip only partially fixed - only has 1 screw fixing of 3      
Rear outside tap - missing fixing               
Drainage inspection chambers x 3 all missing screws to secure         
Garage door - missing fixings x 1 at each side            
Garage window sill running off level                
Internal garage wall tie down not properly secured to wall at top      
Downstairs WC sink white waste pipe is leaking. (when sink filled and drained bubbles appear at join)
Kitchen extractor fan hose - gap where hose enters wall needs filled (can see daylight)
Finial at peak of garage needs centred               
Main bathroom extractor is venting to the loft and not exiting the house      
Water ingress to master bedroom - to be investigated (recessed joints couple with bonded bead cavity insulation??)
Loft Insulation:                      
At wind bracing/binders this is only complete in single layer (should be double)   
Incomplete insulation out to eaves also               
Gap in second layer - daylight visible and other areas with no insulation laid   
Creaking floors in main bedroom, landing and rear bedroom (translating to crackling ceilings)
Needs investigation - should not creak
Stairs creaking when walked on               
Seal around external sink waste (where this enters the brickwork)      
Seal around boiler external blow off pipe (where this enters the brickwork)   
Seal around waste pipe at rear to left beside patio doors (where this enters the brickwork)
Gaps inside garage pointing - back wall, large area at back left.      
Living room window sill - pointing crumbling left hand side         
All internal door handles not properly secured - no through bolts used and various handles coming loose
All internal doors to be checked that they close without catching door frames and they are latching fine.
Check all internal doors are not rattling when latched         
Kitchen door hall side - excessive gap when closed (warped??)      
Architraves cut short x 2 (need replaced/painted) Downstairs WC and inner kitchen door
Window cill board in living room not secure - can be moved up/down easily   
Rear bedroom cill board - off level by 9mm            
Master bedroom cill board - off level               
Poor/bubbling paint finish kitchen back wall near heating controls      
Dowells at newell posts top and bottom of stairs need rubbed down repainted - untidy/rough
Kitchen Supplier   :                  
Kitchen Cupboard doors fouling despite being adjusted fully (corner cupboard to lower left of sink)
Edge of laminate worktop at patio doors coming away (needs 'ironed' or reglued)   
Chipped tile at top of main bathroom shower unit - has been filled with grout to mask this issue
Woodburner setup unfinished to chimney ceiling and large gaps leaving it untidy.   

Inspect weep vents above windows - are these the correct way round for traditional masonry build? (fitted as is standard for timber frame house)
Base of outside window frame - should this gap be sealed with silicone at the bottom as it is on the garage?   

House Builders / Re: Barwood homes
« Last Post by New Home Expert on August 21, 2019, 08:07:56 am »
Great feedback.
One of the reasons why I created this forum.

Prospective new homebuyers need to be warned what they are getting into.
House Builders / Re: Barwood homes
« Last Post by Unhappy on August 19, 2019, 03:55:22 pm »
Do not buy a house from Barwood Homes. They have no quality control, no time scales and no attention to details. The houses are on nice plots with reasonably good fittings BUT Barwood cannot build houses. I had the misfortune to buy one. It wasn’t finished when I moved in.
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