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Snagging and defects / soft mortar
« Last Post by michaelmge on Today at 02:32:07 pm »
HI.This is my first ever post on line for any reason and i am hoping somebody may have experience or knowledge of my concerns.Have now been in house for 18 months and noticed the mortar falling out where the flashing has been put into the brickwork. This is very unsightly but led me to look at the rest of the mortar.I have found areas where the perps can be rubbed with the finger and the mortar is rubbing out.I realise that this may happen to start with but it is continuing and i have not got access to all the wall,i am concerned that there may be more areas like this.The house is south west facing in  a severe wind driven rain area.Could this lead to erosion of the effected mortar joints over a period of time or am i worrying about nothing.The developer sent out their snagging brickworker who concluded that everything looks alright and as the mortar came from the same silo there is not an issue.He did not test the soft areas himself and did not use a ladder but did finger test mortar that was not an issue.ANY enlightment would be greatly appreciated.
House Builders / Re: First even brand new house
« Last Post by New Home Expert on Today at 08:18:16 am »
First of all you are clearly not an expert and really need to employ a snagging inspector to properly inspect your home.  The trouble is most are very busy at this time of year.
Try Tim Fee at Snagging Inspectors 07768 900200.

It might mean your home is not checked and snagged by him until after you legally complete, which is not ideal. So be sure to sign the handover forms "Unchecked - subject to independent professional snagging Inspector inspection and report"

The "walk around with the site manager" is not for your inspection. Snagging a new home cannot be done properly in 10-15mins with a site manager distracting you. 
The walk around is for the site manager to show you how the heating works, where the fuse board is, stop cocks and how features of the home work etc.

It is a shame that your first home is likely to be a rushed home for the housebuilder's year-end figures.
Be particularly wary if it is Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon or Bovis?

As for what to look for, I have a snagging checklist for External and Internal on the main website, but it is generic and you are still advised to get a professional to check your home, which is always money well spent!

After you move in, make a list of everything and anything that is wrong or goes wrong and give it to the site manager on 2 January when they come back after the Christmas shutdown. Send a copy opf the list to the regional office at the same time so it is on record.  Note this is not the only time you can report defects, you can do it for the first 2 years!
House Builders / First even brand new house
« Last Post by Beccy81 on December 11, 2017, 05:13:20 pm »
Hello I am hoping to move into my first ever brand new house on Friday, I am not sure what to expect... what sort of things should I be looking for? I have the walk around with the site manager on Thursday morning? Is there anything specific I should ask? 
General discussion / Re: Eccleston homes
« Last Post by New Home Expert on December 09, 2017, 07:45:42 am »
Let me know if they sort it out for you!
Obviously the 50mm is not sufficient to fit a curtain batten. On the face of it I expect it is a mistake. The lintels having been installed one or two courses of bricks too low.

I would expect the solution offered by the housebuilder and warranty provider would be to suggest you fit a ceiling mounted curtain pole!

I have had a quick scan of the NHBC standards 2018 online but cannot find any reference to minimum space from top of window to ceiling. I am sure this used to be 225mm from memory, but like a lot of standards I expect it has been deleted!

What was the situation is  the show house and other homes on the development of your house type?
If you can take a photo and prove your home is different they should put this right but how is another matter, fit a smaller window?

I expect the only solution would be to pay you compensation.
General discussion / Re: Eccleston homes
« Last Post by davey1166 on December 07, 2017, 05:35:18 pm »
Thank you for your quick response! This is very much an ongoing issue.

Really appreciate your opinion and its something I will continue to battle.
I have also used some of your wording in my reply email this morning, so thanks.
Snagging and defects / Regulation height between top of window and ceiling??
« Last Post by kazzea on December 07, 2017, 01:31:17 pm »
Hi All,

My snagging list is in the hundreds and is a nightmare trying to get builder to respond. 
However my living room window has just shy of 55mm between the top of the window frame and the ceiling.  Way too small a gap to be able to put up a curtain pole (including the brackets).  Surely there is a minimum standard space between the top of the window and the ceiling?

I have hunted all over including trawling through sections of the NHBC handbook but cannot find the answer.  If anyone could help I would really appreciate it.

Thanks :)
Bovis Homes / Bovis Homes Statement After Being Exposed on BBC3CR
« Last Post by New Home Expert on December 07, 2017, 08:31:36 am »
After being battered by their custoemrs on BBC three counties radio on 1 December 2017, Bovis homes issued the following (somewhat overly familiar) statement:

"We are absolutely committed to resolving all remaining items for our customers at these locations. In understanding and addressing these issues, we recognised that we needed to review our build programmes and inspection processes to ensure we deliver quality homes for all of our customers going forward, and our current customer survey scores reflect this improvement.

At Flitwick, for instance, eight out of ten 2017 customers would now recommend us to family and friends.

We are equally determined to make things right for any 2015 and 2016 customers with legacy issues and apologise to them if we have not delivered the high levels of quality and service they rightly expected. Our local teams are working closely with them and our contractors to resolve any remaining issues with their homes, and on occasion this has involved providing alternative accommodation for the duration of the work.

We are meeting all reasonable costs associated with these relocations and engaging with customers to meet their individual needs wherever possible to keep disruption to a minimum. The work is progressing well, with much of it now complete and some remaining work moved into early 2018, with the agreement of customers, to avoid disruption over Christmas."
General discussion / Re: Eccleston homes
« Last Post by New Home Expert on December 07, 2017, 07:20:44 am »
Your two photos prove your argument and did prove theirs!
The base unit has, what is called in the trade, a decorative end panel.
The tall unit does not and therefore it is wholly unacceptable.
You should ask the housebuilder's directors if they would accept this in their own house?

Yes the standard carcass colour is cream/magnolia but so is white! 
I have white inside my cupboards but the doors are oak and yesm,the panel on my tall fridge unit is matching wood effect - not white!

Stick to your guns on this.

This is a pity, as it does look like they are trying to protect the floor and worktops, which demonstrates they care more than most of the plc housebuilders do on their sites!
General discussion / Eccleston homes
« Last Post by davey1166 on December 06, 2017, 04:36:57 pm »
Hi All

During our home snagging I noticed that the tall end panel was a made from a different material and thus the colour is an off white and different to the rest of the kitchen panels (and the opposite end panel which are all polar white gloss).

The developer has gone back to their supplier who has said the carcass is standard specification and they will not be changing.

What is your opinion? It looks awful, there is no issues with fitting, purely, aesthetics (see attached images) the panel is the first thing you see when you walk into the room and it look offwhite/yellow

Do I keep pushing this - I'm current battling with head of construction over this point and a couple of other minor.

Looking forward to your POV.
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