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Use a unique password for this Forum
« on: January 24, 2017, 07:56:45 am »
Form January 2017, Google will add a "not secure" warning to the URL in the browser bar for any website that uses passwords or collects credit card details.

These warnings will only be seen for those using the Google Chrome browser.
To avoid the warning, website owners will need to migrate their websites from http: to  https:
This adds a significant extra cost to the owners of these websites.

As there is no financial risk to users of this forum (we do not collect credit card details or sell anything), we have no intention of changing to https. 

Please be aware though, to use a password that is unique to this Forum, so if in the unlikely event of hacking, your Forum password here cannot be used on any of the other sites you need passwords.

Please note the owner of this website does not accept any liability whatsoever for members/users details being hacked under any circumstances.

More information is here:

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