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Author Topic: liability for optional extras?  (Read 10292 times)

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liability for optional extras?
« on: May 10, 2023, 03:57:09 pm »
My first post so please be gentle - I tried to search for these topics without success - please point me if this has been discussed already - thanks

I am about to sign off the optional extras for a new-build. It has reached joists/start of second floor build stage. It will be a considerable commitment up front and before exchange of contracts etc.   There is still uncertainty for my own house sale - it could conceivably fall through - after I have specified the extras and signed for them - leaving me without the means to buy the house unless I can resell it.

They tell me I don't need to commit to carpets etc yet (they are actually competitive on carpets I have checked) - but want commitment for electrics and tile options.

I can understand the electrics (downstairs stud walls are going in now upstairs soon) - but I would have thought tiling does not come until much later on - i.e. after plaster has been fitted and before skirting (for floor tiles)  - the house has not got a second floor yet let alone a roof.


---   Does it seems reasonable to ask me to commit to tiling options before the roof is on (or even before there are second floor walls)??

---  Will I be liable to pay for the extras if I am forced to drop out of the purchase - even if they some have not been fitted yet?  i.e. Have I protection under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act?

Many thanks in advance folks

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Re: liability for optional extras?
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2023, 05:11:47 am »
Once you have paid for the extras, you wont get your money back unless the housebuilder cancels the sale/reservation.

There is no need to pay for these until just before the work needs to be done so don't.
If the builder's sales (they are on commission for extras!) insist walk away. Housebuilders are struggling to find buyers and they will want your sale, not a cancellation.

Optional extras are always more expensive. Try dealing with the trades or site manager direct.
In some cases there may even be no extra cost such as moving a socket.
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