Author Topic: Waiting 3 years for playground to be built  (Read 6707 times)

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Waiting 3 years for playground to be built
« on: April 28, 2017, 07:32:29 pm »
When we bought our house from Persimmon, partly because they said there would be a couple of playgrounds on the new development in Truro ( Lowen Bre ). My daughter was 2 years old when we purchased that in 2011.
The development was finished 3 years ago. My daughter is now 7 and a half, shes now into youtube and netflix not so much into going to the park.
I really do think we were missold the house on false promises.
Has anybody else had problems like this?


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Re: Waiting 3 years for playground to be built
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2017, 08:23:45 am »
A delay to completing things like surfacing roads and footpaths, streetlights and other planning requirements such as play areas are frequently left unfinished or not even started for years.

The simple reason being that these do not give any profit to housebuilders. In fact they are a cost.
Add in that once the last home is built and has moved in the site manager, the driving force for getting work done on the site,  is moved to his new site.
Any outstanding works are viewed as low priority and the incompetence of those who work at regional offices and customer care only serve to add to the problem.
I know of one development where the roads and streetlights were not finished for 10 years!
Also Taylor Wimpey were featured on BBC Watchdog in 2012 one of the issues being uncompleted play areas!
It just proves this issue isn't being addressed by housebuilders.

You do have recourse to complain to the council, which given it is now over five years ago I expect you have done.

So the question is, why haven't the council enforced the planning conditions and either got Persimmon to build the play area or employed another contractor to do this and charged the cost to Persimmon?
There are council elections on May 4th, I suggest you don't vote for any sitting candidates.
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Re: Waiting 3 years for playground to be built
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2017, 03:49:30 pm »
Congratulations  Mr Fairburn £112 million bonus, job well done.

Hope your children have got a nice playground to play in, possibly Disneyland with that obscene amount!