Author Topic: Persimmon profits up 44% in 2014 results - Is greed good?  (Read 7478 times)

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Persimmon profits up 44% in 2014 results - Is greed good?
« on: February 25, 2015, 08:01:13 am »
Persimmon Homes announced another record hike in full year profits up 44% on 2013.
On a turnover of £2,600million Persimmon made a  profit of £133.5million 18.4% - in the year to 31 December 2014.
It was announced that the 95p dividend due 6 July 2015 would be brought forward to 2 April three months earlier!
It is reassuring to learn that the 'Help to Buy' taxpayer subsidy is being put to good use!

The average selling price of a Persimmon Home rose by 5.3% to £190,533.
The number of new homes Persimmon  completed rose by 17% on last year to 13,509 in 2014.
Representing just 11.4% of the total 118,760 new homes built in 2014.

Persimmon confirmed they had added 26,822 plots to their consented land bank which totalled 87,700 plots at year end, representing  6 and a half years supply at 2014 output.
Persimmon confirmed they have 45,700 plots with planning ready to go. And they (HBF) say that the house builders aren't landbanking!
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