Author Topic: Persimmon Chief Fairburn takes down his e-mail address  (Read 10072 times)

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Persimmon Chief Fairburn takes down his e-mail address
« on: July 19, 2013, 08:27:35 am »
The e-mail address of Persimmon CEO Jeff Fairburn has been taken down.
Unhappy Persimmon home buyers can no longer contact CEO Jeff Fairburn by e-mail.
His e-mail address: has recently become "undeliverable" and now everyone including the company's own shareholders, are directed to his PA Alison Eastwood:

If you are having ongoing problems with your new home the man at the top needs to be aware. Otherwise how can he change company policy improve quality and service?
As Persimmon Group CEO, Fairburn receives a salary of around £2million a year  he should care about his customers, not hide behind his PA!

So now if you are having problems with their regional office, you are directed to his PA; but does she just refer you back to the regional office member of staff who you were having problems with in the first place?
So what can we conclude from this?
Maybe Fairburn's Inbox was full each day with 100's of disgruntled customers writing to him about their Persimmon woes!

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