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Keepmoat - detached garage
« on: August 17, 2016, 01:17:33 am »

New to this site but just looking for some advice 🙂

My partner and I recently purchased a new-build Keepmoat 3 bedroom home with a detached garage.
We are first-time buyers and obviously new to the whole process. Our home is on course to be finished by January 2017 and we went to visit it some time ago finding, to our surprise, that the detached garage was built in a different brick colour to the house (house being a sandy colour, garage in RED 😡).

We did not have a clue about this and immediately requested a meeting with the sales person. He did not have a clue himself that this was the case and pulled the plans out, the garage being red brick on the plans (us being told this was because our garage is closer to a red bricked house than it is to ours).

We of course are partly to blame for not noticing this on the plans but being first time, young, naive buyers I feel we should have at least been told this huge difference. Our house is the only one out of 253 where this is happening.

After being told there was nothing that could be done and being so far into the process, my partner and I decided to continue and signed a verbal agreement stating we now knew about the difference in brick colours (which I now regret). We haven't had so much as a complimentary outdoor light bulb or door bell (just examples) only a verbal 'apology'.

I know it's probably too late now but am I right to be completely annoyed and any advice would be helpful?

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Re: Keepmoat - detached garage
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2016, 07:56:07 am »
Presumably you were shown the plans which showed where your garage was in relation to your home and other homes. On that plan it should have stated which bricks the homes and garages were being buit in. However, unless they were called "Something Yellow" or "Something else Red" or you were shown brick samples, you may not have known the difference.

It would be odd for one garage to be built in a different colour and if it is away from your home, you should not really be too bothered. If your garage is adjacent, that is another matter.

I find it strange that Keepmoat asked you sign to confirm your agreement that you knew about the different bricks and had accepted it. This now means it is impossible to use the Consumer Code for Home Builders in future to do anything about this. It indicated to me that Keepmoat may have been at fault in someway.

Tell Keepmoat you are annoyed. Tell the CEO at their head office.  Tell him that, as you feel now, when you receive the 8-week customer satisfaction  survey you will most likely be giving a "NO" to Q1.  That will affect their star rating. 

I suggest Keepmoat give you a £1,000 "goodwill" payment. But they don't have to do anything.
It is not feasible or worthwhile to have the garage rebuilt in bricks to match your house.
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