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Author Topic: Harron Homes, Royal Wells, Crofton  (Read 11017 times)

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Harron Homes, Royal Wells, Crofton
« on: January 03, 2023, 02:16:19 pm »
We moved into our new Harron Home four years and two months ago.
When we moved in, the estate was still being built and the builder's compound where they stored all the materials and diggers where joined onto the back of our garden fence, on a field that they did not build on.
The field is a bit of open land with a few horses on. The compound was fenced off with metal temporary fences to stop people getting in and horses getting out.

Four years and two months later  - 3 years after the development was finished, the metal fences are still there.
They form part of the boundary fence that should have been replaced by wooden fencing and the part to stop the horses is now just laying in the field all twisted up and broken.

We have phoned and sent numerous emails to Harron Homes and they say they do not own the field so it's not their responsibility. We have got our local MP involved and local planning office. But we get nowhere. I need someone to escalate to.

The area is nice and the house itself is lovely, we had a couple of snagging issues, but nothing serious.

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Re: Harron Homes, Royal Wells, Crofton
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2023, 01:11:09 pm »
I could state the obvious.................. what would happen if (someone) pulled the fence down and the horses got out one night?  They will sort a permanent fence then - double quick!

Harron Homes have a dreadful reputation.  I doubt you will get anywhere with them, especially now after such a long time since you moved in. Be thankful that your actual home isn't as bad as most are!

You need to find out who has the responsibility for this boundary fence.
Then get your solicitor to write them a letter explaining what could happen if the horses got out and who would be liable for damage to property or injury to third parties.  (the person who should have put up a proper fence that's who!)

Of course all of this could have been avoided if Harron Homes had finished the job!
My guess is... Harron Homes do own the field and where the metal fence is, will be the access to more houses being built.

Let me know if I am right!

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Re: Harron Homes, Royal Wells, Crofton
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2023, 01:47:34 pm »
You're sort of right.... There are a few roads that end at fences, about four, ready for any more houses, but all the other ones had the wooden fence erected. Just the one next to us left where the compound was.

I have checked for building applications and there have been none as of yet. I believe Harron were going to build on it, but then pulled out for some reason.
I agree that the next step is to let it fall down again and ignore it....