Author Topic: Moving into a new Persimmon home during August or September?  (Read 5589 times)

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Be sure to get something from house builders for giving them a good survey rating!

If you are moving into a new home during August or September you could be able to get paid for giving the house builder favourable responses in the survey sent by the NHBC on behalf of the Home Builders Federation (HBF) around 8 weeks after you legally complete.

It is even more likely with house builders with already low star ratings such as Persimmon and Bovis.
All you have to do is let it be known that you will definitely be ticking the "NO" box to
Question 1 "Would you recommend your builder to a friend?"
Especially once you have received the survey!

This is the only question that is used to calculate the house builder's customer satisfaction
Star Rating.
Not every buyer will get £250 in John Lewis vouchers but it has been known!
However, most buyers should be able to get free extras or free materials from the site.
Some builders officially give away goods or services to the value of £1,000 if new home buyer ticks all the right boxes in the survey!

As one employee tells me:
"We are a little more modest but John Lewis or Harrods vouchers are a standard bribe, £250-£500, but also Spa days, golf days etc.
The sales & customer services team frame it along the lines of them meeting a specific survey target and if that can be met the employee gets a bonus which he or she will pass on tho the purchaser."

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