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House Build Timeline
« on: January 31, 2013, 07:50:55 am »
Dear all

Currently waiting for a house to be built on a Taylor Wimpey scheme.  Their completion target dates seem to be as helpful as .....   I was therefore wondering if anyone knew what a house builder's typical build programme would be:

Number of weeks until :

- Ground works and slab done
- Brick / block elevations are up
- Roof is on
- Building is wind and watertight
- Internal walls / finishing flooring done
- Practical completion

I have in the back of my mind they a good housebuilder can do a house from mud to PC in 14 weeks.

Any pointers on this would be a great help as it will mean I can try and get a check guestimate completion date based on what stage in the construction they are at.

Many thanks in anticipation



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How long does it take to build a new home
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2013, 08:35:30 am »
First of all some advice  Never use the house builder's solicitor.

Completion times will depend on several factors:
1) The size of the property
2) Type of property  -flats take longer
3) Construction methods used  -Timber Frame is quicker whilst not better than masonry IMO
4) The size of the development  -larger sites have more managers, trades and plant
5) The size of the house builder -larger plc house builders build fastest - especially near their financial end of year
6) The time of year and drying times -Homes built in the winter and through holiday periods take longer.
7) Other factors -the World Cup, other local sites, etc

You should not really be concerning yourself with the speed of construction rather than the QUALITY of the home you are likely to get.

As a general guide it takes a minimum of 10-12 weeks for plc house builders to throw up a standard masonry home.
A builder that programmes 16-20 weeks will, in all probability, give you a much better quality new home.
The following should be regarded as a maximum amount of time for each stage:
4 weeks - Foundations to Ground floor slab.
4 weeks - Brickwork ground to wall plate.
2 weeks - Roof trusses and tiling
3 weeks - First Fixing, Plaster & Drylining
2 weeks - Second Fixing
3 weeks - Decorating, wall tiling, finals and carpets three weeks
A total of 18 weeks.

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Re: House Build Completion Date
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2013, 09:29:32 am »
The Consumer Code for Home Builders states that:
"The Home Buyer must be given reliable and realistic information about when construction of the Home may be finished, the date of Legal Completion, and the date for handover of the Home."

The Guidance for builders suggests:
"1)before completing the foundations and floor – give the calendar quarter when the Home is likely to be ready;
2)when the roof is completed and the building weatherproof – give the month when the Home is likely to be ready;
3)when the Home is decorated and main services are connected – say what week the Home is likely to be ready."

All house builders are required to give their purchasers a copy of the Consumer Code at  the time of reservation. 
"The Home Builder must display the Code and give, without charge, a copy to customers who ask for it and to all Home Buyers who reserve a Home."

You were given a copy of the code by Taylor Wimpey?
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