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FORUM RULES - Please Read Before posting
« on: June 01, 2011, 12:45:03 pm »
The Administrators and Moderators of reserve the right to edit, modify or delete, in whole or in part, any aspect of this forum including member’s messages, at their own discretion and without notice or warning.

Posting Content
If members post their own material on the forum, they will be deemed to have allowed a non-exclusive licence to publish, republish or otherwise distribute the material on the website.

If posting a question or asking advice please be patient. The members of this forum volunteer their time for free to post in this forum. Once your question has been answered it is polite to say thank you to show your appreciation to the person that has helped you. All information is given in good faith, the owners and members of this forum are not responsible for the information supplied.  If in doubt contact an expert or professional.

Members are legally responsible for their content.  All posts should be factually true or be stated opinions. WARNING: Individual Members can be held personally responsible for any potentially libellous comments in their posts.

Any of the following content will be deleted and may result in member’s account being closed:
Posts that use profanity.  Posts that contain illegal material, images or literature of a violent, sexual, or offensive nature. Post that aim to promote discrimination, hate or violence or seek to attack the legal rights of any individual member.

Reporting posts
If you feel a post is offensive, Forum posts can be reported for the attention of the site admin and moderators. Please report any posts that you think are inappropriate, such as illegal links, spam links etc. To report a post click on the "Report to Moderator" link on the bottom right of the post

Be considerate and respectful
What you may think is funny and witty could actually hurt other people’s feelings; please think before posting and refrain from posting in the heat of the moment. If you know the person personally then banter is quite acceptable but to poke fun at people that you do not know is not funny and could be considered a form of harassment. Treat new members with respect, and visa versa. You were new at one point, as was everyone. Members that do not respect other members and are clearly causing bad feeling by harassing or insulting other members may be banned without warning.

Please note that cannot allow the posting of material from other copyright holders. The cutting & pasting of entire articles, or other large volume content, from other websites will be viewed as copyright infringement and will be removed. If you would like to highlight useful information to members of the forum please post a link to the web page displaying the information. This will not be regarded as spamming. is not under any obligation to remove any posts from the forum or website unless legally compelled to do so, such as copyright infringement. In the event of suspected copyright infringements, please send an e-mail to, stating the material infringement, and your contact details.

E Mail
From time to time the site admin may send out an email to all members, this email will not be regular but will often contain important information about the Forum and main website.

Bad Language
The use of foul or abusive language will not be tolerated in the forum, this kind of language can cause offence to other forum members. If you really need to swear to express yourself, censor the f****** words yourself or use bl_anks or st*rs.

No Spamming
Spamming is characterised by the initiation of threads or posts that contribute nothing to a forum. Examples include: empty posts, posts with few words that have no relation to the current thread or discussion and those posts that state they are spam, either to annoy or increase a member's post count. This determination is made by the forum Moderator or Administrator and is not up for discussion. This site has a zero spam policy and if a website is found guilty of posting spam links in this forum it will be banned without warning and all future links to that site will be deleted. Please note that you agree that any posting of unsolicited advertising or promotional material to the forums (including spam links) carries an administration fee of £380.00, regardless of whether it is ever published for public display.

Self-promoting links
You have a web site and want to post a link to it, so that other people can see it. We don't have a problem with this after you have reached 15 posts you can add the site as a link in your signature. People joining with the intention of self promoting their sites without contributing to the forum are not welcome. This could mean that you will be banned and all future links to your site will be banned, you may or not be warned before you are banned.

No Illegal, Adult or Gambling Links
Do not post links to illegal download sites or Warez or illegal software, copyrighted images etc. Adult links and links to sites selling prescription drugs are not allowed. This site may be viewed by minors and we do not wish to offend anyone. If you are unsure or in any doubt then best advice is not to post it.

Avatars are the pictures that show up on the left hand side of a members post. The maximum size of an avatar is 200 x 200 pixels and the maximum file size is 50 KB. Avatars that cause offence will be removed immediately and then that member’s right to display an avatar will be removed or the member may be banned at the discretion of the admin/moderators.

Multiple member accounts
You must not create several user names or accounts from the same computer. You must also agree never to give out your username and password or allow anyone else to log in using your details. Anyone that does not adhere to the forum rules may be instantly banned without warning.

Posting pictures
Posting a picture(s) can be very informative. Because of server limitations the size of pictures should be 900 pixels wide or smaller as this is the ideal size. We reserve the right to copy any pictures hosted on such sites and attach them to a post.

The signature is a personal space that will follow every post that you make here on the forum. You can use it for a your favourite quotes and your signature can include a link to your own web site. Affiliate links are not allowed as signatures. You must post more than 15 posts before adding your signature unless you gain permission from the Admin first. Only one signature link is allowed per member.

By joining and using the forum mean that you have implicitly agreed to the Registration Agreement, Terms and Conditions and Forum Rules.
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