Author Topic: Why Voting To Leave The EU Is The Only Option  (Read 2499 times)

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Why Voting To Leave The EU Is The Only Option
« on: February 05, 2016, 07:57:03 am »
The case for leaving the EU

Cameron's "concessions", "deal", "reforms", call it what you like, but as Jacob Reece-Mogg said in the House of Commons "the thin gruel has been further watered down" declaring that the Prime Minister had a fortnight to "salvage his reputation as a negotiator". Many other Tory MPs have also branded David Cameron's EU 'deal' full of broken manifesto promises.

It would appear whatever Cameron claims to have negotiated "from our European partners" will be little more than the potential for future negotiation after the UK EU referendum.  If the UK can't get a deal before the referendum, there is no chance Cameron will get "more for Britain" after.

So Cameron's modest EU reform demands are unlikely to be met.
What a surprise! We now find that the ban on migrants claiming in-work benefits for four years isn’t going to happen.

Now Cameron expects us to accept a watered down "emergency break" on the payouts - and only if Britain could prove its welfare system was overrun. This is being described as a 'stop-gap' measure to a more permanent mechanism. This is a mile away from his manifesto pledge to bar migrants from claiming in-work benefits for four years after they enter the UK. It does not begin to address the issue of mass migration. Cameron has also failed to secure his pledge to ban migrants from sending benefits back to their home countries. The benefits will instead be reduced by "indexing" them to the standard of living abroad. Cameron himself admitted in Wiltshire, that the measure alone will not cut net migration to less than 100,000.

Now he is even saying that migrant camps will be set up in the south if Britain votes to leave the EU. Quite how he links the two I don't know! Under the terms of the February 2003 Le Touquet treaty between the UK and France, checks for migrants trying to illegally stow away on lorries or trains heading for Britain are carried out by British border guards at a number of French ports. Apparently Cameron thinks that if voters back leaving the European Union, France could use this as an excuse to scrap the current accord.  Well they probably will now!

No wonder Cameron's "thin gruel" isn't fooling anyone!
Britain gets around 10% of the voting weight inside the EU.
Our voice may well be heard but we can easily be out voted.
Another part of Mr Cameron's four-point renegotiation of Britain's membership of the EU - would allow national parliaments to block EU legislation. But his so-called "Red Card" deal would mean 15 EU nations joining forces to block EU Laws and directives. Having to get 14 other EU nations to agree to the UK being able to opt out of EU regulations isn't reform, even if he does manage to get the 28 EU leaders meeting in Brussels on 18 and 19 February to agree to it!

Britain is despised in Europe. (You only have to look at the votes in Eurovision song contest over the last decade!) They really don't like us at all, so why do they want us in their club?  Perhaps we should be asking could the EU survive without what Britain brings to the EU table? A net £9.2billion a year that's what.
Just one of eleven FTSE100 firms backs a Brexit. But generally, many business leaders say they would rather be part of some sort of free trade area than full members of the EU.

It is not as if the EU is doing well is it?  In 2008 3 million jobs have been lost in the eurozone it the same time frame, Britain has created 1.5million jobs. Britain accounts for 18.2% of Europe’s total jobs market.
Britain has the widest ever trading deficit with the EU. Whilst British exports to the EU have grown 3.6% a year, our imports from the EU have grown 4.7%. Since 1999, Britain has imported £61.2bn more to the EU than we have exported. Our trade with the rest of the world has grown by 6.5% a year nearly double that to the EU and we have a trade surplus with the rest of the world of £27.8bn.

The importance of EU trade deals is overstated. Switzerland has a free trade deal with Japan and China the EU does not. It is ludicrous to suggest that Britain the fifth or sixth biggest economy in the world cannot negotiate trade deals on its own.

Those who back staying in the EU say we need to be part of the club, have a seat at the table. This despite the service being terrible and the committee getting free drinks at our expense.

The EU's finances are so haphazard, its accounts have not been signed off by the auditors for 20 years!

It is worth remembering that Britain NOT joining the Euro € (despite many MPs arguing for it at the time!) was one of the best decisions this country has taken over the last 50 years.

Some of the other changes Cameron 'wanted' but has quietly dropped when faced with resistance from the EU member states:
  • Charter of Fundamental Rights. In 2009 Cameron promised a complete opt-out of the charter, which further extends human rights laws.
  • Social and employment laws. In 2010  Cameron pledged to claw back powers from Brussels, but this was quietly dropped.
  • Treaty change. Promised 'full-on treaty change' as recently as 2014, but now hopes the moves will be added to a treaty at a later date.
  • Working time directive. In 2012 he promised to change the law which includes the contentious 48-hour maximum working week.
  • Common Agricultural Policy. Repeated calls for reform of farming subsidies, but no sign of any change yet.
  • Waste. In 2009 he promised to end the European parliament's "absurd" practice of meeting in Strasbourg as well as Brussels.

Cameron claims that the "agreement" he has winkled out of Brussels is so good, he said that "if we were not already members, we would bite their hand off to sign up and join"

Cameron cannot be trusted to tell the truth on the EU referendum.  He said he would back the Out/Leave campaign if his reform demands were not met. They clearly haven't been and he still thinks Britain should vote to stay in the EU.
Every sane thinking person should Vote Leave!

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Re: Why Voting To Leave The EU Is The Only Option
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2016, 08:41:37 am »
Who do you want to govern this great country of ours?
We should be able to set our own laws, raise our own taxes, trade with who we choose and be free to decide who does and who doesn’t enter our country.
As an EU member the UK cannot do any of these unless every other member agrees!

To counteract this, Cameron has indicated that a Sovereignty bill is on the way. This is nothing but a "gigantic red herring"   "The primacy of EU law will be upheld as long as the 1972 European Communities Act remains on the statute book, because parliament has taken a sovereign decision to diminish its own powers."

The only way Cameron can restore Britain's control of its own laws is if we vote to leave the EU.
There is no 'middle ground', there is not a 'negotiation' to be had, there are no 'deals' that can be done!
If Cameron says anything else it's a lie!
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Re: Why Voting To Leave The EU Is The Only Option
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2016, 09:41:50 am »
What Cameron pledged in his 2010 manifesto and what he actually "negotiated" with the EU are quite different. In short Cameron failed.

Migration What Cameron wanted:
To control our own borders and restrict those who come here - FAILED
When he realised he wasn’t getting that, he wanted to stop migrants claiming UK benefits.
What he got was an "emergency brake" to prevent EU migrants claiming benefits for four years which will only be in place for seven years once activated. Migrants will even still be able to claim benefits whilst the brake is in effect. And it will be up to the EU, not Britain, to decide if and when the brake can be applied.

Child Benefit What he wanted:
An outright ban on Child Benefits being sent abroad. Stopping migrants sending child benefit to families in their home countries - FAILED
Under the deal, Child Benefit will be linked to the local cost of living in the migrant's countries. But this will only apply to the thousands of existing claimants from 2020. 

Worse, under Cameron's "deal"- Britain will be forced to pay HIGHER rates of child benefit to EU migrants with children living in other countries as the deal means that "local rates" will be used based on the local cost of living. The rates for some countries could be higher than the current UK child benefit rates paid. This would mean migrant's families would get MORE child benefit than British workers raising their children in the UK.

Finance What he wanted:
Britain will never be forced to abandon the pound - Succeeded?
This was never likely anyway and especially now everyone realises the eurozone is a broken project, a disaster awaiting collapse. In any case the opt-out veto already existed.
Britain will not be part of any eurozone bail outs - FAILED
What he got was an agreement that the UK will be reimbursed if British taxpayer’s money is ever used to bail out failing eurozone economies.
Sovereignty What he wanted:
Britain will never be part of an ever closer European superstate - Succeeded?[/b]
The goal of "ever closer union" will not apply to the UK. But it was written into previous treaties anyway! 
Who knows what will be agreed or changed in the years to come if Britain votes to remain in the EU?

Reduction in Regulations and red tape and an opt-out for Britain - FAILED
What he got was a "red-card" mechanism, a new power. If 55% of national parliaments agree, they could effectively block or veto a commission proposal. So again the UK needs Eurozone approval to block EU regulations!
Amongst Cameron's other failures: There will be no repatriation of EU social and employment law, which was a 2010 manifesto commitment. There will be no changes to the working-hours directive.
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