Author Topic: Sneaky Brussels Postponing New EU Rules Until After Referendum  (Read 2682 times)

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Just to show everyone how sneaky and underhand the EU is, Brussels has decided to temporarily postpone plans to make us buy new kettles and toasters.

Under the new EU energy-saving rules, all kitchen appliances must use less electricity. But that would mean that it would take longer to boil a kettle or brown a slice of toast.
It would seem that EU leaders are so concerned that British voters would get to hear about this new EU imposed law ahead of the referendum, it might be enough to influence even more people to vote leave. So this new rule is being delayed until after the referendum. 

This single act shows the British public all they need to know about our real rulers in Brussels.
Why would anyone vote to remain in an un-democratic domineering super-state that dictates what kettles we can buy!


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Re: Sneaky Brussels Postponing New EU Rules Until After Referendum
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The Lord's Prayer is 60 words long.
The Ten Commandments is 79 words.
The Gettysburg address 272 words.
EU Regulation on the sale of cabbages is 26,911 words long!
This tells you everything you need top know about he EU, how it operates and why we must Vote Leave!