Author Topic: Project Fear Scaremongering In EU Referendum  (Read 2781 times)

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Project Fear Scaremongering In EU Referendum
« on: February 29, 2016, 09:53:59 am »
Project Fear – Myths and scaremongering headline grabbing soundbites
The "Remain-ians" are using the media to bombard British voters with what they freely call Project Fear – designed to frighten and scare the public to vote to remain in the EU. As if the UK would be unable to protect itself or manage in the world without the “support” of Brussels!

So below is an ongoing record of each lie and scare story which will be added to, right up to the EU vote on 23 June 2016.  However, I will not give these  "Project Fear" scare soundbites justification with a rebuttle as in the most part they are far too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

This referendum is a once-in-a-generation chance to LEAVE the EU.

They say that if British people vote to leaves the EU:

"Around three million jobs would be at risk. Hard working British people could lose their livelihoods" David Cameron
"Mortgages will become more expensive as pressure is put on the Pound"  David Cameron
"If the UK leaves the European Union there will be consequences"  Francios Hollande President of France.
(It is more likely to be consequences for the EU "project" without Britain's cash and influence in the World. In any event, who do the French thing they are issuing threats to us! -  Ed)
"It could take up to ten years to negotiate an exit from the EU if Britain voted to leave - prompting a decade or more of uncertainty for Britain" David Cameron
"President Putin would be happy and feel safer if Britain was outside the EU"
"The US has a profound interest in the UK staying in the EU”
  US Secretary of State John Kerry
"The global economy would suffer a damaging shock if Britain voted to leave the EU" G20 leaders meeting in China.
(Former Chancellor Lord Lawson said that: "the notion that the UK leaving the EU would cause an economic shock is absurd. Fifteen of the G20 members are outside the EU and that hasn’t caused a shock. Indeed, most of them are doing better than most members of the EU!")
"We will have migrant camps set up in Folkestone and the south" David Cameron
"A Brexit would be a major risk to the Global economy" G20 leaders and central bank governors
"Leaving the EU will drag the UK into a bygone era of import taxes and regulatory hurdles for trade" BT CEO Gavin Paterson!
"If we leave the EU there would almost certainly be another Scottish referendum" Alistair Darling
"Leaving the EU would have a profound effect on the Pound as well as the Euro"  Alistair Darling
"If we vote to leave, the Government would have to implement that decision and hand in our notice to quit. There is no going back on that" Alistair Darling 
(at least one thing I hope would be true, but I doubt it as [they] would keep holding referendums until they get the result [they] want.)
"We are taking a great leap into the unknown" 
"Britain is safer in the EU"
"A Paris type terrorist attack are more likely if Britain leaves the EU"
"Leaving Europe will risk prosperity and safety"
Alistair Darling