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Coronavirus UK Covid-19
« on: March 25, 2020, 08:41:18 am »
CoronaVirus Crisis.

I think that it is not unreasonable to not post on any Facebook Group including this one anything not relevant to the biggest crisis any of us will ever face in our lifetimes.

Issues with new homes pale into insignificance  compared to the potential of this virus to kill a great many here in the UK and throughout the World.

Yes you are off work.
Yes you cannot go to the shops and buy stuff you don't actually need.
Yes you cannot now even go out except to buy food or exercise. 
But don't waste your time posting on forum and Facebook groups!

50,000 will die in the UK as a result of the Corona Virus by the end of April!

We have an under-funded, badly managed NHS.

The NHS and government, cannot even get face masks to the brave nurses and doctors, who, if we continue to replicate what has happened in Italy, 10% of UK deaths will be health workers!

Follow me on Twitter and Re Tweet to highlight government deficiencies so when the Covid-19 inquest begins, no one will be in any doubt who is to blame for the tens perhaps hundreds of thousands of deaths in the UK.

Boris and his incompetent government could have and should have closed all UK borders ports and airports in January (They are still open!)

If he had, we would have no CoronaVirus in the UK now. In Kenya 25 cases and Nigeria (42 cases 1 death) both have closed borders.

Keep safe - be lucky! 

Do something that actually matters today!
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