Author Topic: Taylor Wimpey: We don't care because we don't have to  (Read 5181 times)

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Taylor Wimpey: We don't care because we don't have to
« on: September 30, 2014, 12:05:25 pm »
Yet again Taylor Wimpey residents are left speechless by the blatant ineptitude and hapless incompetence of Taylor Wimpey's site Team and their inability to manage, supervise and quality assure the workmanship of their subcontractors.

This has to be seen to be believed!

If their employees display such temerity to undertake their work in this manner whilst in plain view of occupied properties, it really is no surprise that so many "finished" properties are handed over with hundreds of defects and potentially dangerous gas and electrical faults. This is yet more evidence, as if it were needed, that customers are doing anything but  "investing in quality" when they buy a Taylor Wimpey property.

Taylor Wimpey is a disgrace at every level.
Their managers should be deeply ashamed to take home the salaries that they do.
Their CEO Peter Redfern, main board directors and regional directors have all been well aware of the issues on this site and nothing has changed during the last 12 months other than their evident and deepening contempt for their current and future customers.

With numerous breaches of health & safety, building, gas and electrical regulations, and continuing failures in quality control across the site, it begs the question as to how Richard Crawford, Site Manager and James Field, Production Manager, are still on their payroll?

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Re: Taylor Wimpey: We don't care because we don't have to
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2014, 09:10:04 am »
Trusses should be off loaded vertically and stored vertically on their "node" points.
Ideally this would be in a purpose-built scaffold truss rack - at least they would be on a good well run, well managed site!
They must never be dropped like this.
But this is what goes on.
The labourer is "promoted" to forklift driver and sent on a short course and "tested."
He can then use the telehandler legally.  
He is then on a fast-track to Storeman and Finishing Foreman if he shows an interest in touching up paintwork and if he is  chatty to customers and gets on with the fat Contracts Manager who likes a joke.
He then promotes him again to Assistant Site Manager and he is then sent on a few safety courses.
Once the Site manager leaves, the Assistant finds himself "acting site manager" and eventually gets his own site.

A few years ago I found out that one of my ex labourers was a Contracts Manager at Taylor Wimpey!

It would be a great watch if Peter Redfern did a "Back to the Floor"  C4 programme.  If, that is, he has the balls!
He has chickened out of meeting you TWDT so far!
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