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NHBC Claim Advice - floor deflection
« on: February 09, 2019, 06:28:12 am »
House builder: Bovis Homes
Build year of completion: 2012

I am after some assistance please in a claim to NHBC for excessive deflection of the 2nd floor floor in a Bovis Homes built townhouse.

- nails are 'popping' in ceiling below
- very noisy floorboards
- floor appears to dip in places when under dead load, though carpeted so it's hard to see
- appears to be movement between floor and sole plate of partition walls in all 2nd floor rooms

As some background we did have a carpenter try to rectify the noise in one room, by using screws rather than nails. This made no difference to perceived noise or floor deflection.

I have made a claim with NHBC which has been refused. Without spending more money to lift carpets etc to see exactly what is happening to the floor, could someone please offer some advice one how to get NHBC to accept this claim.

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Re: NHBC Claim Advice - floor deflection
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2019, 07:17:43 am »
The NHBC cannot arbitrarily dismiss valid warranty claims.
They should; have made a thorough inspection, which would mean lifting carpets, measuring deflections and using a endoscope camera to check why your floor is deflecting like this.
Write to the NHBC and insist they take this claim seriously. If they cannot ask for a deadlock letter and tell them you will take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. If every new homeowner did this the NHBC would be forced to be more proactive with valid claims

There could be many reasons:
1) Joists (or attic truss joists) not deep enough for the spans involved.
2) Joists at too great centres.
3) Stud partitions unsupported on noggins or floor joists.
4) Issues with trimmer/trimmed joist around staircases
5) Holes or notches cut in joists weakening them
6) Chipboard flooring got wet before roof covering and "cupped" between joists
7) Any or all of the above!

I suspect as it is Bovis Homes, there is a history of work which they have failed to sort it out and the NHBC are a bit tired of picking up defective Bovis Homes to rectify.

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