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Integral Garage Door
« on: June 08, 2017, 08:36:35 pm »
Hi all, new member here!

We have moved into our second new home this year having outgrown our last home after 6 years.

Our experience so far hasn't been the best as we encountered a 2 month delay in moving in (resulting in a stay with the in-laws) and their general inability to stick to the their promises.

The latest bug-bear however is one I would appreciate some advice on.

We have an integral garage with an access door, however as the door into the garage is at the bottom of the stairs it is close to the front of the house which means that when the actual garage door is open, you can't use the integral door!  This has gone from mildly irritating to quite annoying as whilst the painter was in a while ago taking care of some snags and mentioned that they had originally put a garage door in with a fixed rail which meant the integral door couldn't be opened at all. Prior to us moving in they replaced the garage door with a rail-less one that means the integral door can ONLY be opened with the main garage door shut.

Today however they have informed us that "when designing the house we would not have envisaged that access into the garage from inside would be utilised when the main garage door was open. We assumed that either entrance into the garage would be used independently and not at the same time."

I'm not sure I've heard a much bigger load of tripe (my main issue is why would they have replaced the door before we moved in) but wondered if there was anything more "official" that I can go back with?  he only regs I can find relate to the fire-rating of the door and the requirement for top and bottom dead-locks in the absence of 5-point mortice locks.  My suggestion would be that they need to replace this with a roller-shutter type garage door which would enable the personnel door to be opened regardless of whether the main garage door is open or closed.

I've posted an image of the ground floor layout to help visualise and thank in advance for any help given!!