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Dealing with Bewley Homes
« on: October 04, 2018, 02:55:43 pm »
I am after some advice before I go down the legal route.

I bought a new build flat from Bewley Homes in September 2017. 
Since then there have been a number of problems and some of which have failed British Standards.  They have failed in a way that shows that it was impossible for it to have been properly checked and approved.

With this in mind, surely someone somewhere has done something illegally by approving the flat as liveable?

The two main problems are the underfloor heating system and the wooden floor.

The underfloor heating system was connected wrong so when the heating in the main bedroom and bathroom was on, instead of both areas being warm only the bedroom was.  The bathroom was cold yet the toilet off the hallway was on.  Similar in the second bedroom.  Other areas were all connected wrong.

The thermostats are also out of date, redundant and not up to the job.  That is what Polypipe (Manufacturer) told me. 

As a result of the floor not working properly I now have cracks in the floorboards and worst still one of them is raising up because there is an area outside of the system/tank which heats up worryingly too hot.

The wooden floor has a number of problems including a huge amount of staining from water, paint stains from the builders, black stains where no-one can explain what it is and a couple of long straight cuts.

It has taken a year to get to the bottom of it and that is because I paid money out of my own pocket to get a floor specialist round to do a report.  It turns out the cuts are from another tradesman working on the floor and using a stanley knife.  The stains are because the floor hadn't been treated properly and they didn't leave any products or instructions to treat the floor with (apparently British Standards say they need to do these).

Bewley have now accepted responsibility despite getting 3 floor specialists round, forcing us to take numerous days off for inspections, fobbing us off with excuse after excuse.

Despite taking responsibility for their actions they are dragging their feet on getting it fixed properly.

Please can someone help and advice on how I can get them to fix the problems properly, including installing proper digital thermostats?

I have tried Premier Guarantee the warranty company. 
They are useless and obviously in bed with Bewley!



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Re: Dealing with Bewley Homes
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2018, 09:05:10 am »
On Monday the government announced a statutory new homes ombudsman was going to be created.
We have no idea when though, but it would serve to help buyers in your position.

All you can do is keep complaining to Bewley directors and make a fuss on social media, write to your MP and get them to write to Bewley Homes. Write to local and national newspapers too.

"The squeaky wheel gets the oil"

You could write, giving Bewley 60 days to attend to the defects saying if they do not you will appoint others to do the works and send Bewley the bill, which if they refuse to pay, you will then go to small claims court.
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