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I live in a 7-year old house that is falling apart.
The Roof is leaking, the windows were fitted incorrectly and now leak.
I claimed through the NHBC warranty in January and even understanding that we have Covid they only turned up to look last week. The inspector bought a builder with him, did not seem to have his own opinion and just went along with whatever the builder said, such as  that I should look for a Fensa certificate (even though these are not given out with new homes, which they know full well!).

They then told me that the NHBC claims office was a "black hole" for paperwork and that it would be at least another 6 months before they get to this -- all the while my roof is still leaking. Neither of them wore PPE and when I asked he said "I will wear it if you really want?" making me feel that I was crazy for asking.
I just don't know what to do.

I contacted Linden Homes and they were very helpful, initially, blamed the window company and told me contact them, which I did and turns out they don't answer the phone and it seems based on reviews that they are a dodgy outfit as well. We are the second owners of the house and are now stuck with a house that isn't even water tight.

I want to know who regulates NHBC, new house builders and how can they be made to fix shoddy work and be made accountable? I looked into the New Homes Ombudsman and it was apparently launched in 2018 - I can find nothing active? Many thanks, Jo

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First of all, the New Homes Ombudsman doesn't exist yet. I was promised/announced by the housing secretary, James Brokenshire on 1st October 2018. Currently an MP (since December 2020) Natalie Elphick is consulting (colluding more like) with stakeholders to draw up a Code of Practice which housebuilders can voluntary sign up to. This is way short of the statutory New Homes Ombudsman promised nearly three years ago.  The "plastic" version may be operational around April 2021 but it will probably only be any use for owners with homes less than 2 years old.  The New Homes Ombudsman when it finally exists, isn't going to adjudicate over warranty matters at all either!

As for the NHBC, you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman, but as it stands, the NHBC haven't said they won't be repairing the damage and the defects, just that you face a long wait for a decsion.

I would write to the NHBC CEO Steve Wood  email and suggest that any delay will result in the cost of repairing the water ingress damage will being even higher.
I would also highlight the disregard of Covid precautions and the "black hole for paperwork" comment.

Linden Homes (Vistry Group) are ultimately responsible not the window company they employed.
You should push to ask why, given their dire poor reputation, that Linden chose to use them in the first place!
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