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Visitor parking- Sold bays
« on: August 14, 2019, 01:53:24 pm »
If this has already been discussed, then I apologise in advanced but I couldn't see any relevant posts.

We moved into our Weston Homes new build house in November last year, and we had 2 private owned parking spaces as well as one additional Visitor Bay within our car park (servicing 5 surrounding houses).
This was one of nine visitor bays within the estate. This was clearly labelled in our signed legal plans (as a "free use bay") and within ALL literature and advertising brochures (which I still have copies of), as well as being confirmed by Weston Homes a few times when we first purchased and in the viewings etc.

However, this year I have had a few of my family members park there when visiting and been left with angry notes on their windscreen that this is a private bay. After contact Weston Homes, and waiting weeks for a reply, they confirmed that this bay was no longer a visitor bay and had in fact been sold since we purchased. In fact of the 9 visitor bays within our plans, there are now only 3 available on site (none of which are within my car park area).

Do we have any legal right to compensation regarding this?
Visitor parking was a key factor in our purchase as we have family living very far away who can only visit by driving. Surely as it is in the legal plans they have a right to provide, or at least to inform us of any amendments/changes to this?
Any advice is greatly received!

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Re: Visitor parking- Sold bays
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2019, 08:41:41 am »
You should the plans that were given planning approval. 
I expect this is a breach.

No, you cannot expect compensation, the parking space was not for you to use, but for various visitors and it is they who have lost not you.

Finally, no housebuilder can arbitrarily change anything that would influence your decision to buy.
They are bound to notify you under the CCHB such as that is.
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