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Site entrance
« on: March 18, 2014, 03:29:00 pm »
We moved into a Taylor Wimpey home at Dargavel village which we bought in June off-plan. It was one of the first houses built and we moved in December.
The site gate is just 20 feet away from front door and we have ongoing issues in relation to safety, including reversing lorries without banksman ,site gates wide open, parking etc.
I have sent countless emails to Taylor Wimpey, had two meetings, but  little has changed
We were not told of this  site entrance and as we have three young children we would never bought this plot..... plan to be there for 3 years at least
Taylor Wimpey are struggling to address our concerns has anyone else had  these issues and how did they get resolved  worried sick as a parent
:( Thanks Kirstine

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Re: Site entrance
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2014, 08:04:23 am »
Like many who have bought a Taylor Wimpey new home, once you are in you have discovered that their after sales service leaves a lot to be desired.
In your case this is a serious heath and safety matter.
I would therefore suggest you report the matter to the HSE straight away.
Under the regulations Taylor Wimpey are required to have a traffic management plan in place.
This is so that dangers from site traffic and plant can be assessed and negated.

It appears to be that you were shoe-horned into completing earlier than was ideal, so Taylor Wimpey to include your home in their end-of-year figures. You should write to Taylor Wimpey's regional managing director and you should also  write to Pete Redfern Taylor Wimpey's CEO, but don't expect a reply from him!

You could always park your car at the entrance making access difficult for Taylor Wimpey until they move the gates. You could also put a sign in your front window telling people not to buy a home on this site!  Perhaps this will do the trick!
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