Author Topic: Government Announces New Homes Ombudsman To be Set Up  (Read 128 times)

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Government Announces New Homes Ombudsman To be Set Up
« on: October 01, 2018, 09:41:40 am »
Remember this day Monday 1st October 2018. 
For this is the day that Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government announced that a statutory new homes ombudsman will be created.

This is something I have campaigned for since June 2014 - four long years. 
It's been a long, hard, time-consuming and often lonely campaign! 
Campaign for a New Homes Ombudsman
I have done this solely for the benefit of UK new homebuyers who feel frustrated and hopeless having been short-changed so often by their indifferent house builders. I have nothing to gain from this news at a personal level, just the glowing satisfaction that I have effected change for the betterment of all new homeowners, provided the new statutory New Homes Ombudsman is 100% independent of industry interference and influence.   

Today is a good day!

"Following a consultation earlier this year on consumer redress in the housing market, we are announcing the creation of New Homes Ombudsman. This will help ensure consumers buying new homes will have an independent and legally backed route of redress against developers who do not deliver what they promise.

We want to protect consumers and ensure everyone has a great place to live and raise a family, currently there is no statutory process to bring redress.

b]We are creating a New Homes Ombudsmanto protect consumers [/b]and give them confidence that when things are not right in their new home they have a route of redress. This will also discourage developers from cutting corners and putting unfinished homes on the market.

Our plans will help to ensure that new-home owners have better rights and everyone has a great place to live and raise a family

According the Home Builder’s Federation and the NHBC, 98 per cent of new-home buyers report snags or bigger defects after moving in [actually in the 2018 survey results (survey year to 30 September 2017) it was 99%]. Developers [plc housebuilders] have been found to put homes on the market which are incomplete, with issues such as wet paint, poorly fitted doors and other defects.

Whilst most developers do resolve issues there is no standard order of priority, meaning a consumer does not know if it will take one day or three months to resolve a problem, irrespective of how serious it is. Having paid a significant sum of money to buy your home it can be stressful and deeply frustrating to deal with issues which most people would assume have been resolved through the building process.

Our solution
We are creating a new statutory ombudsman specifically for new homes to address these concerns."
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