Author Topic: First Time Buyer - Things to ask for in the contracts?  (Read 5404 times)

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First Time Buyer - Things to ask for in the contracts?
« on: July 13, 2016, 07:57:34 pm »
Hi there!

Apologies if I have placed this in the wrong section, please feel free to move this if so. I wish I had found this site a month ago, but at least glad we have now.

We're first time buyers through Taylor Wimpey, we've reserved our plot and are buying off plan (completion November/December) and are still in the early stages but evidently have made a couple of mistakes along the way. We went through Tayklor Wimpey's suggested Mortgage Advisors (whoops) and also opted for their preferred Solicitors (double whoops). I've evidently been a bit naive so far but at least we're in the early stages and my eyes are open now.

We meet with the Solicitors on Friday and ahead of this meeting, I wanted to know if there was anything we should push to be included in the contracts.

From reading the site and forums, we are going to be using a Profressional Snagging Service. I want to the contracts to state that we will not be exchanging unless the contract agrees permission for our designated snagging inspector to visit before legal completion. Should we try and push it to state that we won't complete until snags have been resolved or is this unrealistic?

We also want the ability to add a Garage to the property in the future should we choose to do so.

Are there any other things we should be asking for or are important to check are present?

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Re: First Time Buyer - Things to ask for in the contracts?
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2016, 07:50:39 am »
For a start, you should not be buying any new home due to be completed in November/December.
It will be rushed for Taylor Wimpey's year-end figures.

You should ask your (Taylor Wimpey) solicitor to state that you are not prepared to legally complete in December if the home is not 100% finished by 30 November. Taylor Wimpey at present, have enough time to build your house if they plan it right.

But as we all know, there will be inevitable delays and it will matter nothing to Taylor Wimpey to legally complete on your house even if it is not 100% finished and full of snags and defects. You should also recognise that it will be rushed towards the end no matter what as there will be others also required for year end figures.

You are not in a string position having used Taylor Wimpey's solicitor. You should not have done this.
You should tell your solicitor at the outset that he must protect your interests alone and that you will have no hesitation in reporting him to the Law Society if you have any suspicions at all during the process that he has any conflict of interest. 
My guess is he will tell you to get your own solicitor. Get a list off Taylor Wimpey and make sure you don't choose any firm on their list!

Please do insist that you can have the house professionally snagged and inspected 7 days before legal completion date. If Taylor Wimpey refuse this walk away from it. 

After many years campaigning, the APPG Inquiry Report has included my recommendation that buyers have a mandatory right to inspect their homes (or have them inspected) before they legally complete.
I hope that it soon becomes part of new homes sales contracts.
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Re: First Time Buyer - Things to ask for in the contracts?
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2016, 09:52:10 pm »
From what you have said, you have only reserved the property. Therefore there is nothing to stop you changing your mind about using their solicitor and stating you want to find your own independent one!

If they refuse, at the most you will lose is a couple hundred pounds. If they refuse then this probably tells you all you need to know. You have not paid a deposit at this stage therefore not a massive issue.

The problem with stating what should be in the contract is in fact what a good solicitor should be advising you on!

As already stated completion date for Nov/Dec is problematic to say the least, even when not under the pressure of end of year figures getting them to provide a snag free house I would say is almost impossible.

Just remember as a buyer of an off plan house, they are keen to get as many houses sold in advance as possible. Please tell me you pushed hard for a decent discount? Remember with Brexit, a lot of people are not as willing to make big purchases. There's a chance houses prices will decline especially in the short term and remember you will already be paying a premium for a new build.

My advice, it might be worth waiting a few months to see how the economic shock takes hold, the last  thing you want is to a buy an already over-priced house to see your equity diminish further through a market slump.

If you are adamant, then please read this website thoroughly and then read it again. It might sound a bit hypercritical me saying don't use their solicitor when I did, but then again my house builder doesn't have the sheer volume of unhappy people yours does!

Good luck, be smart