Author Topic: Building more homes in the countryside is not the answer  (Read 5770 times)

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Building more homes in the countryside is not the answer
« on: March 17, 2015, 08:41:37 am »
The British countryside is under attack from big house building.
Before long, every rural village will have fields of executive homes and volume estates will suburbanise towns across the country. Every village in Oxfordshire has been told to add a third more buildings.

Despite living in a country with low housing occupancy and low urban densities, house builders have hijacked a "housing crisis" they created to force through a coalition planning policy drafted by the likes of Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon and others. As Simon Jenkins puts it in The Spectator:

"Councils were told that either they could plan for more building or it would proceed anyway. Brownfield preference was ended. Journey-to-work times were disregarded. Fields could sprout unregulated billboards. "Sustainable" development was defined as economic, then profitable."

The draft proved so bad it had to be amended.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England estimates some 80,000 units are now proposed for greenbelt land.
The solution to housing Britain's rising population lies in towns, not the green fields of the countryside. For every new home built in the countryside results in an extra car (or two) on Britain's traffic jammed roads and motorways. Policies aimed at 'out-of-town' new towns and garden cities merely depopulate cities and duplicate infrastructure.
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