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Brickwork Avant
« on: April 13, 2018, 07:51:59 pm »
My wife and I have decided to buy an Avant home.
I've read the horror stories on both Avant and new builds in general, but I've also read some more positive reviews of late albeit with new homes still seemingly rushed with poor quality finishes and the homebuyer not having much luck getting things rectified unless they go the warranty route or delay completion. I'm happy to delay if there's things that need doing on my new house and they offer to do them after completion...No thanks.

The house is almost ready for completion and we've not yet exchanged contracts. They want us to do this before the end of April (Yep Financial Year End I hear you say) I've read about that too. They're not rushing me until I'M READY.

We've been over to the house during it's build phases and taken photos and we've been in the house over the last few weeks with a small list of internal snagging which is being gone through daily with items being rectified. I will be speaking to Tim Fee sometime next week with the view to get him to come and professionally inspect it, ideally before exchange/completion if he's got the time and he's allowed onsite!

Would anyone on here mind taking a look at these photos and telling me what their thoughts are?
Some of the interior shots of issues have now been resolved but I managed to get shots of the finished brickwork today which I've added. There's some bits I can see, missing sealant, missing mortar etc.

So far, the kitchen cupboards are scratched on the underside vertical uprights. The section that meets the base of the carcass where they've been sat on the floor. Avant are suggesting a repair using their "Plastic Surgeon" I've already told them I'm not buying a house with refurbed cupboards. They must be new. The plinths are also splintered where they've been cut too long, forced in and the coating has split from the wood.

There's been the usual silicone issues which are now resolved, issues with the general lack of finished paint quality and the only internal bits that I can see are the newel post and hand rail finish which I'll request be replaced as there's bits of paint all over it with some poor sanding against the grain.

I've uploaded the photos to my Google Photo account to save clogging up space here.


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Re: Brickwork Avant
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2018, 08:22:54 am »
You cannot really judge until it is entirely finished.
Avant homes should snag it before Tim Fee snags it.
I would insist Tim does his inspection before legal completion.
Avant do have a really terrible reputation for both quality and attending to defects.
AS they appear at the present time to not be forcing you into legal completion until you are happy, perhaps they may have changed policy.

The flat roof drainage spout is not working as the brickwork is soaked.
Quality of brickwork varies too and I am sure Tim Fee will pick it all up.
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Re: Brickwork Avant
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2018, 08:29:34 am »
Thanks for the reply. Yeah I had noticed the brick from the flat roof looked damp.
I’ll add it to the list today. I’m going to the site again tomorrow morning whilst no contractors are there and go over it all in as much detail as I can. I’ll call Tim on Monday and get him booked in.

Thanks again.