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No main electric connection upon moving in
« on: June 06, 2019, 08:43:10 pm »
We shall hopefully be moving into our new build provided by Gleeson homes soon, but have received a letter this morning. It stated that upon moving in we would have no mains electric connection and that electricity will be provided by a temporary generator until works are completed by Northen Powergrid.

It doesn't state how long this will take.  It says until a permanent connection is secured that all electricity billing costs will be paid for by Gleeson homes. We need to sign and accept that the work will not be completed when we take ownership and for them to issue the NHBC buildmark confirmation of cover so we can legally complete purchase of the home.

Has anyone gone through this before?
We are slightly concerned about the generator in regards to noise and reliability. 

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Re: No main electric connection upon moving in
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2019, 12:37:21 pm »
Yes I can recall it happening before. It is not right and is in my opinion mortgage fraud.
Once they have your money it could go on for many months.

I would add that if Gleeson are incapable of planning for the electricity to be connected at the time of occupation, I wouldn't trust them an inch to build a new home correctly.
Please have your home professional inspected and snagged before legal completion.

My advice would be NOT TO LEGALLY COMPLETE without mains electricity.
Generators can be and are noisy, there will be cables everywhere and the diesel can run out, perhaps at the weekend!

If you ignore my good advice and legally complete anyway, have your solicitor get a firm date of when the electricity will be connected by and I suggest a £300 a day penalty be written in the contract for every date beyond this date it remains unconnected.

If you are forced to legally complete, I suggest you inform your lender that the home will not have mains electricity on the day and I expect them to withhold the mortgage monies as your new home will be virtually worthless without  mains electricity.
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