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Subject Access Request To Bovis Homes
« on: January 28, 2016, 09:14:13 am »
I have found that quite a few new homebuyers are submitting a Subject Access Requests to Bovis.
This requires the company to submit any and all information appertaining to them personally or their new home (ie the Plot File)

But there it is also increasingly common that  Bovis are redacting (blanking out) sections of the documents it does supply and refusing point blank, to hand over a copy of buyers' Plot Files.

The Company has given the following reasons:-

1.1 It is third party data and the context of your personal data could be understood without disclosure of any third party personal data;

1.2 It is information that is not personal data (of any person) but which could safely be deleted without affecting the content of your personal data; and/or

1.3 The information may have been redacted because it would have been likely to prejudice negotiations between the Company and you. This is an exemption under the relevant legislation

You have to ask why the company is being so obstructive.
Perhaps Bovis are worried that it will slip up again and the truth will get out, as was the case in the e mail it sent to one homebuyer, following her Subject Access Request, concerning the "doctoring a report" (see below)

In any event don't be put off. A Subject Access Request is quite easy and is your legal right under the Data Protection Act.
For just £10, you can cause Bovis (and other housebuilders) no end of admin headache and costs.
A £10 well spent!

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