Author Topic: Are Bovis Homes New Customer Care Measures Having Any Positive Effect?  (Read 3542 times)

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Outgoing Interim CEO Earl Sibley told some of his company's "victims" that this is what the troubled company has been doing recently:

  • "Increased levels of resource in customer service both in our offices and out on site.
  • An increased speed of resolution of defects on homes handed over in the last 4 months.
  • An increase in the number of issues resolved each and every month.
  • Over half of our total work force has been through a customer service training session with the remainder planned for this month.
  • The addition of around 3 weeks to the development programme for homes currently being handed over to ensure the right quality is achieved.
    (we recognise this does not impact existing home owners but clearly a big change going forward).
  • Separately we have recruited a customer services director from outside the housing sector who should join us in June." [/I]

When will the housebuilders learn? 
It is not about sorting out complaints better, it should be about preventing any complaints in the first place!  This is what happens when an accountant is put in charge!

New CEO Greg Fitzgerald starts the onerous task of turning this dreadful housebuilder around on 18th April. I expect the first thing he will do is stop the buying of sales with daft incentives like this!
Would anyone really buy a new home from Bovis because of a "free" holiday?
Or is this what you do when you have to move out whilst the defects are fixed?
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