Author Topic: Barratt claim to be 'Highest Quality Builder'  (Read 4640 times)

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Barratt claim to be 'Highest Quality Builder'
« on: August 06, 2014, 07:41:37 am »
Barratt self-proclaimed  "Highest Quality Builder"
Barratt are again making the most of their 5-star rating in the HBF National New Home Customer Satisfaction Survey  Despite the fact that just two questions in the survey are used for the star rating!

In addition,  the survey results reflect just 5,484 Barratt buyers (40%) out of a total of 13,663 new homes they built in the period - hardly indicative of consistent "highest quality."

It would appear that HBF rules have been infringed by Barratt as they were previously by another Barratt brand David Wilson Homes.  The flags in the pictures have a Logo which is clearly different to the HBF star rating logo, contravening HBF star rating rule 8.
It does not mention 'Customer Satisfaction Survey' and Rule 6 is also being breached as David Wilson Homes use the term "Five Star excellence guaranteed"  and Barratt currently using the phrase "Highest Quality Builder"
All to confuse buyers as satisfaction is not a measure of quality.
Buyers should be aware that as recently as 2009, Barratt were rated just 3 stars and have only been a 5 star builder for the last three survey years.  More on HBF Star Rating

As for Barratt's "Highest Quality Builder" claim it should be noted that only seven house builders did not attain 5-star status in 2014, including Persimmon who were rated just 4 stars having never achieved a 5-star rating.

It remains to be seen if the HBF will do anything about the breach of its Star rating rules. As this is the house building industry lobbyist to "represent member interests on a national and regional level" don't hold your breath!
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