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Snag before Exchange?
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I am after some advice.

We are buying a 4 bed detached new-build home. The house the last of 2 remaining plots on the development, and is built by a small developer (have completed 4 sites, about 30 units each). The house is complete, and has been on the market for a few months, so we went in quite a but under the asking price, especially when the estate agent told us there was no negioating on extra works, just reflect the works in our price.

The builder is not NHBC, and the warranty is Premier Guarantee. I am dealing with a pretty abrasive estate agent which is annoying me a bit!

There is quite a lot of cosmetic snagging issues in my view, markes on walls, sockets and light switches painted over, window vents left messy, poor door mastic etc. I had a professional snagging survey competeed today(awaiting report), and he says every room needs a good decoator to put right, but not a full decoration. He says the decorating is poor, but could be put right.

I have not yet excanged, and the devolper wants to excange 28 days after draft contracts issues. I have paid a non-refundable £2k deposit.

So my question is - should I try and force the devoloper to finish the snagging befire exchange? He has agreed to put everyting right on the snagging report 'Within Reason'. I hear so many horror stories.....!

Unfortunately the estate agent is abrasive, seems to take the attitude of 'it is what it is' and gives the usual flannel about housees are built on sites and not factories etc.

Thanks in advance for advice,