Author Topic: Ridge tiles fallen off 7yr old Charles Church home - ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE  (Read 1874 times)

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In May 2011 I completed on a 3 storey terraced Charles Church (Persimmon) home.
As of July 2015, this has been let out, no issues. A family of 6 live there (4 young children).

A few weeks ago, half the ridge tiles on the back of the property fell off into the garden. No strong winds, no evidence so far of damage inside the property.
Tried claiming with NHBC - they said because it's terraced it's joint responsibility with my neighbour so they would also have to claim and the minimum claim value would be double (i.e. £3200, not £1600). The damage apparently doesn't reach this amount so they refused to cover it.

In May last year, the same issue happened with the adjoining house on the other side which tells me it's shoddy workmanship? Despite these ridge tiles also half being on my roof, I was never informed of this by anyone. I'm not sure who paid for it to be fixed (that property is also rented out).

So then I phoned my house insurance company - they said because there's no actual cause, it should go through NHBC as a manufacturer's defect. They recommended getting an independent roofer to do an internal and external report, and to persist with NHBC. I have instructed the letting agent to complete this report ASAP as I don't want anymore damage occurring.
This is all new to me having never claimed with either - does anyone know who should be paying out to get this fixed?
Thanks very much in advance!

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I am amazed the NHBC even considered this under their warranty. It is not a structural defect.

Whatever the cause, you are the property owner and liable for repairs and maintenance.
Worse, as you are letting the property you will be held liable if anyone is injured as a result of tiles falling off for example.

You should get the ridge tiles sorted out and secured at the earliest opportunity possibly in collaboration with your neighbours.

As landlord and owner this is your responsibility.

You may be able to claim on home insurance as some wind must have pushed the tiles off, either than or some vibration from somewhere. But they may just consider it disrepair.
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