Author Topic: Impact noise transference: apparently my plot passed tests. Taylor Wimpey  (Read 729 times)

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I have been experiencing a lot of noise impact transference since moving into my flat a few months ago. The noise is the sound of heavy footsteps from above, it's a deep thudding sound that is loud enough to wake me in the morning. Sometimes the upstairs neighbour wears high heels which is even worse.

I contacted Taylor Wimpey about this shortly after moving in. They recently got back in touch with me (months later), informing me that my plot passed all sound tests over and above the required limits. They forwarded me the test results which were carried out by Abbey Consultants and this appears to be the case.

Is there anything further that can be done?  Or will I simply have to put my flat up for sale?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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As soon as I read a post on this I find it is usually Taylor Wimpey.
They do have issues with sound insulation in flats particularly from floors.

The current craze for the dreadful laminate flooring only services to make it worse.

You should get your own independent testing done to check it does comply. Oftentimes, plc housebuilders and their compliance testers collude when issues are reported by buyers.
"make this go away or we'll use someone else"

You could ask if your neighbour could be a little more considerate! High heels indoors?

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