Author Topic: Taylor Wimpey profits up 44% in 2012  (Read 4005 times)

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Taylor Wimpey profits up 44% in 2012
« on: March 01, 2013, 10:29:00 am »
Despite coverage on BBC Watchdog programme in September 2012, the adverse publicity has not apparently had a detrimental effect on profit.

Taylor Wimpey has today announced a 44% increase in operating profits to £230.1million on a turnover of £2,019million - 11.5%.
In the year to 31 December the company completed 10,886 new homes with an average selling price of £181,000 up £10,000 from 2011.

Surely government subsidies for the industry should be cut now.
Funding for lending?   More like funding for private company's profit.
But then again, we do have a general election in two years time and the major parties will want funding for their campaigns!