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Title: Christmas Appeal To CEO Taylor Wimpey Peter Redfern
Post by: New Home Expert on December 24, 2015, 08:51:07 am
Dear Mr Redfern,

Well you have a few days off now. You will feel you have done a great job. End-of-year figures achieved,  bonuses in the bag!  But spare a thought for your poor customers!

Not only was your company slated quite rightly, on Channel 4 Dispatches on 16 November, but there is a whole Twitter movement check out #thinkwimpeythinktwice

You really should have a look at your customer's photographs!  I have and yet again, feel compelled to write to you.

There are just far too many examples of defects in Taylor Wimpey poorly-built new homes.
This demonstrates a complete lack of care and dedication from yourself right down throughout your organisation.  No one at Taylor Wimpey can honestly now believe Taylor Wimpey builds "good quality" new homes. 

I am still campaigning for a New Homes Ombudsman.
I am also calling for Help to Buy to be withdrawn from failing house builders such as Taylor Wimpey, that continue to handover new homes with fully preventable defects to their trusting, unsuspecting consumers.

So have a look at the photos Mr Redfern and do something about it when you return to work in the New Year - something beyond your company's usual bland, disrespectful PR statements!