Author Topic: Government Scraps Plans To Privatise The Land Registry  (Read 3974 times)

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Government Scraps Plans To Privatise The Land Registry
« on: June 30, 2014, 07:43:35 am »
Controversial plans announced in January, to privatise one of our best-performing public services the Land Registry,  the government body that records the sale of all houses and land have been scrapped.
It was hoped that the sell-off would have raised £1.2billion for the treasury. 

The proposed privatisation resulted in a 48-hour strike by angry employees last month. It was also believed that the plan was just too complicated to implement requiring new legislation.

The Land Registry has a 98% satisfaction rating with people who have used it. 
It's also entirely self-financing, and passes its profits on in reduced fees.  It employs 4,500 civil servants and has recorded property information and ownership since 1862.

Aside from providing a great service, the Land Registry produces the most comprehensive information on house prices and the government uses this to make policy decisions. 
Privatisation would have put this data in the hands of profit-making companies - and could have given them influence on government policy.

Those that use it regularly say:
"the Land Registry is well run, efficient and professional. It is a successful public organisation."   
"privatisation could have opened it up to corruption and greed."   
"selling off services like the Land Registry could have resulted in increased costs to the customers, a poorer service, and a further reduction in our nation's assets."

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