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Snagging inspections London
« on: June 14, 2018, 03:59:40 pm »
When it comes to new builds and snagging inspections in the outskirts of London, property pricing levels are, in general, substantially cheaper than in central London. So here's a question you might ask - if I purchase a two bedroom apartment in Kings Cross (London St Pancreas), priced at 1.3 million will it have less snags than a 2 bedroom apartment in Hackney priced at £500,000?

A recent apartment that we inspected on the Grays Inn Road, London Kings Cross, had 97 snagging defects compared to a two bedroom apartment in the Fish Island Village area of Hackney that had 67 snags.

There are a lot of variables that do need to be taken into consideration when understanding what may affect the final finish of your property; who is the developer, what snagging processes do they follow, is the development behind schedule and do they subcontract the work out and if so which subcontractors do they use. What warranty comes with the property; are the contractors and subcontractors following and adhering to NHBC guidelines?


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Re: Snagging inspections London
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2018, 06:17:27 am »
Whilst I am prepared to allow the justification of professional snagging inspections , as all new home buyers should have this before they legally complete and move in, it is against forum rules to advertise unless a company sponsors the website, contributing to both the costs and extensive time I spend helping new homebuyers and providing information and advice.

Perhaps buyers should be aware that not all snagging inspectors are the same. Some are far better than others. See our advice on Choosing a snagging inspector.

In the meantime perhaps Colm will actually contribute in the forum, helping new homebuyers with his experience?

Providing information for the UK new home buyer.