Author Topic: Safety defect in 2013 newly built home  (Read 4724 times)

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Safety defect in 2013 newly built home
« on: January 04, 2013, 09:55:39 am »
Is this a snagging defect, indifference or incompetence?
Would anyone allow their children to play even near this first floor room let alone in it? 
The photograph attached, was taken just yesterday and forwarded to the brand new homes website by a professional snagging inspector.

No one should ever now believe the marketing hype HBF star rating or the claims that the quality of new homes is getting better than ever!
Those with positions of responsibility in the house building industry cannot be trusted anymore.
They cannot even see the "bleeding obvious" defects, even one as potentially fatal as this one.

The photograph was taken during a buyer's own independent snagging inspection.

You have to wonder how this could be missed by the warranty inspector during regular or stage inspections, not to mention the final Building Control CML inspection too. This was a RED Item after all!

In addition, many different tradesmen will have seen this when the house was being built, as will the site management, visiting senior managers, safety inspectors and even the sales staff.  Yet it was left to the Buyer to find it!

You have to question whether a safety guardrail was even indicated on the drawings.
If it was omitted, the plans would not have satisfied the requirements of the Building Regulations and should never have been "passed" by LA Building Control.

If ever proof was needed, that every new home buyer should always have their new home independently professionally inspected this is it!
You can no longer rely on the warranty providers, Building Inspectors or the house builder's own staff.
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