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Hi all,

My first post on here.

Im in the process of waiting for new build to complete. I have bought off plan, reserved but not yet had access to the house.

I just had an email saying that they builder has positioned the boxed in cavity adjacent to the shower on the wrong side of the en-suite room. This meant they could not fit the normal swing door and have instead replaced with a folding door.

This plan shows the difference between the correct layout on the left and my plot on the right.

They sent me some pictures of my plot.

Now this is how it should be.

The email only touched on the door being different. But there are other changes.

1. The cubicle is on the far side of the room instread of the near side.
1. They have installed the shower on the far wall instead of on the side, so the shower will spray out of the cubicle.
2. They have moved the sink away from the shower cubicle around another 200-300mm which I think may too near the toilet, but I have not seen in person yet.
3. Even though they have moved the sink, it still blocks the path to the shower cubicle somewhat.
4. They haven't tiled the boxed in area of the wall.

This is a part of the builders G.A, clearly showing the shower/cubicle postion.

They are trying to play it down but I am not really happy with it.

After a week, they even sent me this picture as a solution to the problem to water pouring out of the door - turning the shower head everytime you turn on the shower. Insulting really.

I know developers state then can make slight changes to specification, but would this be classed as a small change?

Can I just stand my ground and make them correct it all?



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Re: Reserved new home - email from developer - Ensuite instaled incorrrectly
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2017, 12:14:49 pm »
Obviously I’m not an expert but my husband and I bought a new build last year and we wouldn’t have accepted these changes and as for the water from the shower ending up on the en suite floor well I would be furious with their explanation of how to rectify it. I am sure there will be some rule or regulation stating you don’t have to accept this and one of the experts on this excellent forum will know the official answer. We bought a Bellway home, which company is this expecting you to just accept this?

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Re: Reserved new home - email from developer - Ensuite instaled incorrrectly
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2017, 07:00:53 am »
The shower rose should be on a wall at right angles to the door so water doesn't spray out when you turn it on.

The bi-fold shower doors are better in my opinion as the full door drips water on the flooring when you open it after a shower.

I would class this as a small change and they have at least notified you.

But you have not said who the housebuilder is so others can see how they operate even before buyers move in!
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Re: Reserved new home - email from developer - Ensuite instaled incorrrectly
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2017, 07:36:35 am »
The builder is Plumlife.

i dont like the way the sink is blocking the entrance to the cubicle.  The whole flow of the room has changed because they installed the cubicle in the wrong position.