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Join The Unhappy New Home Owners Facebook Group
« on: June 14, 2014, 08:28:09 am »
We have set up a Facebook Group especially for unhappy new home buyers so they can tell their story.
If you are disgusted by the poor quality of your new home, the lies the house builder told you and a rubbish after sales service, please join the group and take some comfort in the fact that you most definitely are not alone!   
Click the link to join here: Unhappy New Home Owners

Already the group has over 85 members, some of which had their horror stories publicised recently in the Daily Mail "Curse of-botched new build homes riddled with problems" only because they are part of the group!

Tell the world know about your issues with your new home and house builder here!

It is time there was an Ombudsman for New Homes.  An independent arbitrator whose decision is binding and  not an industry insider like the NHBC or Consumer Code for Home Builders. 
Contact your MP today to demand better consumer protection for new home buyers and an independent complaints procedure.  Why we need a New Homes Ombudsman

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